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Updated: October 19, 2010 15:05 IST

CWG, Day 9 ( 8 am to 3 pm) - As it happened

Swaroop Swaminathan
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India's Samaresh Jung and Chandrashekar Chaudhary after winning a silver medal in the men's 25m standard pistol (pairs) event.
India's Samaresh Jung and Chandrashekar Chaudhary after winning a silver medal in the men's 25m standard pistol (pairs) event.

Right then. That's about that from me. I shall leave you in the expert hands of Anand Venkateswaran. What are you waiting for? Go here....

15:15 Australia beats South Africa 17-7 in the second rubgy sevens semifinals. And they have set up a mouthwatering trans-tasman clash in the final (New Zealand earlier beat England in the first semifinal).

15:06 Elaine Koon of Malaysia is in action in women's rhythmic gymnastics. It is just mind boggling how they synchronised dance, along with the music, going. And do not forget they also have the rope or the loop to give them company.

14:57 New Zealand, defending champions in the rugby sevens, are at it again. They have beaten England 33-12 to book a place in the final.

Suresh Kalmadi who has wanted to bring the Olympics to India remained non-commital when he was speaking on the matter earlier today:- PTI has this report

Asked whether India was now getting ready for the Olympics after hosting the Commonwealth Games, Mr. Kalmadi said, .

“Well I have a dream (of getting Olympics to India), but I don’t know when...

“I will decide after the Commonwealth Games. Let’s see when we can get Olympics. We have to speak to the Governement after the Games,” Kalmadi said at the daily media interaction at the Main Press Centre.

But he said Delhi had become a global city, making them ready for the Games.

Just a bit of lull a here. But there is lots of action on the ninth day. There 's the men's hockey semifinals between India and England which start at about 17:30 IST. A whole range of atheletics events reaches its climax - today is the last day of athletics while TT, swuash and badminton continues.

14:22 Heartbreak for England but Australia will not mind one bit. They have trumped England 51-45.

14:20 There's an absolute belter of a semifinal going on between Australia and England in netball. Australia are currently leading 49-45. Just a minute to go before the end. Can England pull something off or will Australia hold on?

14:12 The duo of Joshna Chinappa and Saurav Ghosal have lost in the quarterfinals of the mixed-doubles in squash to Malaysia.

14:09 Scotland's Jonathan Hammond and Neil Stirton have won the gold in the men's 50 metre rifle prone (pairs). While INdia have picked up 14 gold medals at the Dr. Karni Singh shooting range, England and Scotland have picked up medals as well.

14:07 Malaysia are now leading 8-5 in third-set of the mixed doubles quarterfinal.

Coming back to India winning their 31st gold medal, this is India's highest number of golds won at a single game eclipsing the 30 they won at Manchester, England, in 2002. Fantastic achievement. However, their goal strangely is not yet achieved - but they are within striking distance of both.

The Indian contingent wanted to finish with 100 medals and second position in the medals tally.

14:00 Malaysia seems to have gotten right back in this encounter. They have a healthy 6-3 lead in the third set.

13:52 Back to the squash where India have levelled things; It's a set apiece.

13:50 Sorry for not telling you this earlier but Indian shooters Gagan Narang and Hari Om Singh finished fifth in the men's 50 metre rifle prone pairs.

13:48 Is netball your secret sport? Then... England are leading Australia 23-21 at half-time.

13:43 Joshna Chinappa and Saurav Ghosal, the Indians currently playing against Malaysia, are within touching distance. After losing the first-set, they have played the drops to perfection to lead the Malaysians 9-4 in the second set.

13:34 Malaysia have beaten India in the first of the best of three sets. It's for a place in the mixed doubles semifinal

13:23 India and Malaysia in action in the mixed doubles. Malaysia are leading 7-4 in the first set.

13:04 The Indian duo has advanced to the semifinals of the men's doubles in TT 3-1.

13:00 India in action against Nigeria in the men's doubles in TT. It's that man Sharath and Saha and they are leading by two sets to one but trialing 8-6 in the fourth set.

There is still India's Sharath Kamal to come in TT and Saina Nehwal to come in badminton. If that does not excite you, there are a whole raft of medals to be decided in athletics (my obligatory reminder that the women's 100 metre winner Osayemi Oludamola's fate is still not decided. Her B sample reading, which is expected to come out tomorrow, is the key.

Let us just cut across sports into cricket. India are all-out for 495 in their first innings against Australia, who have started batting and rattling along at 45 for none after nine overs.

More on the shooting gold by India. That was India's 31st gold medal of this games and the 14th which has come in the Dr. Karni Singh shooting range.

12:24 Moments later, the hooter sounds to signal the end of the second-half. Australia advances to the final of the men's hockey. They will face the winner of the India-England game in the final.

12:23 I have run out of adjective to describe Australia and their form in men's hockey. New Zealand had the ball for a while in the opposition half but Australia pick up the pieces and dismantle the Kiwi defence with such ease before adding their sixth goal of the afternoon. It's now 6-2 there.

12:18 They have done it. The Australians saved one match point but promptly send the next shot wide to give Poulomi and Mouma a hard fought victory. They won the fifth set 11-8. The Indians advance to the semifinals.

12:14 A punishing forehand reply from Australia is met with polite applause from the crowd. Moments later, Australia take two more quick points to tie the fifth set at 6-6.

12:07 India have taken the fourth set 11-5. Another exhausting match then for the Indian duo. But can they hold their nerves against the Aussies?

12:05 Australia have taken the third 12-10 but trail in the fourth 6-3.

Want to get up tp speed with whatever that has happened today? Indian shooters continued their excellent form by getting three more medals at the Dr. Karni SIngh shooting range. Nigerian hurdler Samuel Okon failed a drugs test while England's Tom Daley and Max Brick have won the gold in the men's synchro platform.

11:56 England beat Samoa 7-5 in the quarterfinals of the rugby sevens.

11:52 Australia have taken the second set 11-4. This, unlike the singles, is a best of five match-up.

11:47 An awesome forhand drive from Poulomi finds Miao producing an error. And India have won the first set 13-11. This is for a place in the semifinals.

11:42 India and Australia engaged in battle in the women's doubles. That pairing of Poulomi Ghatak and Mouma Das against Miao Miao and J.F. Lay. It's 11-11 in the first set.

11:31 England's Tom Daley and Max Brick win gold in men's synchro platform. Tom, by the way, is just 16 years old. Incredible achievement.

11:30 Australia are already 2-0 against New Zealand in their trans-tasman semifinal clash in men's hockey.

11:25 Scotland's Jen McIntosh wins women's 50 metre rifle prone gold. India's Tejaswini Sawant of course claimed silver in this event.

11:17 Soumyadeep wins the match 13-11. After Cai levelled proceedings by winning the second set, Soumyadeep cleaned out the next three sets to advance to the semifinals.

Breaking News: Nigerian 100m hurdler Samuel Okon fails drugs test

11:08 A top-notch rally ends with Soumyadeep hitting a zipping forehand return which Cai has no answer to. Cai leads the fifth set 7-4.

11:05 Back to that paddling action between Soumyadeep and Cai. Soumyadeep leads the encounter by three sets to one. Remember this is a quarterfinal match. Earlier in the day, in another Singapore vs India quarterfinal, Gao beat Arputharaj 4-1.

New Zealand have an other try and progress through to the semifinals after beating Wales 31-10. The defending champions are looking good, I must say.

10:56 Wales have their second try but still trail 26-10. At the fag end of the second half there. Looks like the defending champions are going through to the semi-finals there.

Medals coming thick and fast all of a sudden. Singapore wins gold in the men's 25 metre standard pistol pairs. India's Samaresh Jung and Chandrashekar K. Chaudhary wins silver in the same event.

10:53 The all blacks currently leading 21-5 in the second-half.

10:50 A tasty affair in the rugby sevens. Wales taking on defending champions New Zealand.

10:47 Annu Raj Singh and Heena Sidhu wins gold for India in women's 10 metre pairs. Will bring you more on this and the silver as and when I get more information.

10:45 Tejaswini Sawant wins silver in women's singles 50 metre rifle prone

10:40 Soumyadeep takes the first set 11-7.

10:36 Cai Xiaoli of SIngapore in action against Soumyadeep Roy of India in the men's quarterfinal in TT. Roy leads 7-5 in the first set after crunching consecutive fourhands into Kai's right-hand side.

10:22 Two Canadians and two Australians followed by one from England have the best top five times as they progress into the final of the women's 1 metre springboard. India's Hrutika Shriram - placed twelfth - qualifies but Karishma misses out.

10:19 Heymans executes a good inward one and a half somersault for 57.5. She is one of the favourites to win this event; the finals will be held later today.

10:09 Canada's Heymens does a reverse 1 and a half somersault with one and a half twist but her legs just gave at the end. The judges give a her a 47. There were lots of things happening in the dive. Haymens is currently the leader in this women's 1 metre springboard qualification.

10:05 Arputharaj has had trouble picking up Gao's serves and it eventually conquers the Indian. The Singaporean closes out the set 11-7 in the fifth and wins the match 4-1.

10:04 Back to the paddlers and it's bad news for India. Arputharaj is trailing by three sets to one and is trailling in the fifth 8-5.

10:02 Scotland have beaten Trinidad&Tobago 7-0 to finish ninth in a classification match

09:58 Karishma Mohite - the other Indian - just about got her arms sorted out before hitting the water and the judges give her a 37.4. Just to put things in perspective; Canada's Emilie Heymens gets out of the water with a 67.4 against her name.

09:56 Hrutika Shriram - one of the two Indians - does a reverse reverse one and a half but the commentator says she "undercooks" it a bit. And it was clear because she did not get the rotations going. The judges give her a 22.5 for her efforts. Will be disappointed with that, Hrutika.

09:51 Canada, Australia and England are the early leaders in the women's 1 mtr springboard qualification. India, currently, are occupying the last two spots.

09:49 Gao has again gone out of sight. He opens up his body to hit a lovely forehand into the body of Arputharaj and the Indian has no answer. Couple of points later, the Singaporean wraps up the third set 11-5. Gao leads the encounter by two sets to one.

09:45 Guess what? The momentum has shifted again. Gao is leading 5-1 but Arputharaj creams a lovely forehand cross-court winner to make it 5-2 and he says "come on." The crowd responds.

09:44 Arputharaj does have a back-hand, and a mean one at that. He comes back to take the second set 11-4. Can he keep the momentum going?

09:42 Arputharaj has been working Gao well with the rallies this set and it pays immediate dividends. He's leading 9-4 in the second set.

Just to make this clear. India, through, Sharath Kamal are the defending champions in this event.

09:37 Gao is off to a very quick start and Arputharaj is struggling. Gao takes the first set 11-1.

09:35 Quarterfinals action between India and Singapore in TT. Ning Gao of Singapore against Amalraj Anthony Arputharaj of India.

This is how the medals tally looks at 09:30 IST

Read as G, S, B, Total

Australia - 64, 40, 39 143

India 30, 23, 28 81

England 27, 49, 35 111

Canada 23, 15, 28 66

South Africa 12, 11, 9, 32

09:24 Scotland are now leading 4-0 in the ninth-tenth play-off match between Trinidad&Tobago.

09:19 That's the end of that. It finishes - not surprisingly - in Canada's favour 43-10.

09:17 They have plugged off some gaps but Canada have one more try but India responds with a try of their own. 38-10 to Canada's favour with just about 10 seconds remaining.

09:13 India have put up a much better performance this half but that doesn't stop Canada from increasing the lead. It is now 33-5 in Canada's favour.

09:09 Smart move from the left sees India have their first try of the match. It's now Canada 28-5 India. And that's the end of the first-hlf. Canada have been like a battering ram but the Indian defence has been all over the place.

09:06 Canada's number 9 ghosts past the Indians for a fourth try. The commentator talks about some poor Indian defending.

09:04 More agony as Canada now leads 14-0. Moments later Casnada seize the ball from kick-off and work their way quite comfortably past the Indians for their third try. It's 21-0. Still three minutes to go for half-time. This is the quarterfinals of the bowl competition.

09:02 The first event featuring India has not got off to a good start. Canada are already leading India 7-0 in the rugby sevens.

09:00 Some action from men's hockey. Scotland are currently leading Trinidad&Tobago 2-0 in the first-half.

Out of the 21 gold medals on offer, nine are in athletics and four are in shooting - India's Gagan Narang will be in action in the latter so do keep an eye out for that one.

Before licking our lips at the prospect of all the finals in store, let us have a look at the major stories which happened yesterday.

Nigeria's 100 mtr winner - after original Sally Pearson was disqualified for a false-start, Osayemi Oludamola tested positive for a banned stimulant. She has asked for her B sample to be tested and could lose her gold medal.

India's Krishna Poonia got a gold medal in the women's discus.

Kashyap and Saina progressed in their relative categories in badminton.

There were huge expectations from the Indian boxing contingent but it turned out to be a sour day for India

The Dr Karni shooting range - which has been an Indian bastion in these games - contributed another medal for the country. India's Tejaswini Sawant and Meena Kumari winning a bronze in the women's 50 mtr rifle prone pairs

And some of the events of the day encapsulated in a slideshow.

There are some 21 gold medals to be won today with some medals to be decided to be in the shooting arena as well.

The athletics draws to a close today but the biggest crowd could well be at the Hockey stadium where India take on England in one of the semifinals.

If you did miss out on all the action yesterday, you can find it here and here.

Hello and good morning. Welcome to the live coverage of day nine of the 19th Commonwealth Games. I am Swaroop Swaminathan.... bright and early.

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As it happened - CWG, Day 9 (3 pm till close)October 12, 2010

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