Safeguarding the London Olympics is not compromised by the failure of a contractor to provide the promised amount of personnel because the government acted swiftly, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said on Monday.

Rogge, in a conference call, praised “a good show of flexibility” as the British government said it would deploy an additional 3,500 troops to make up for smaller numbers than planned from security company G4S.

The London Olympics start on July 27 and run until August 12.

Security is one of the most important and sensitive issues at any Games. London was the target of suicide bombers attacks, which left more than 50 people dead the day after the city won the Games in July 2005.

“Extra input of soldiers is something that gives us tranquility in the field of security,” Rogge said.

“The issue has been handled well. What counts is the flexibility of the organisers and the government and they have been very flexible and very adaptive.

“We got reassurances from the government that security would be absolutely in place. We absolutely feel secure in terms of transfer of soldiers.” Rogge also said that the tight security would affect the atmosphere at the Games because, while ready to set in at any given time, “they will not be running around with machine guns” and “not spoil the party.”


London Olympics in security fiascoJuly 15, 2012

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