A day after IOA secretary-general Randhir Singh warned of serious repercussions on disbanding of some important committees, the apex sports body on Tuesday said it will soon set up the ethics committee and arbitration commission.

The Indian Olympic Association, in its general body meeting on December 15, had disbanded ethics committee and arbitration commission, but apparently after Mr. Randhir Singh’s sharp criticism, the IOA said these committees will be formed again as per the unanimous decision of the GBM.

“No member was against ethics or arbitration commission. All the GBM wanted was that it should be taken into confidence while taking such important decision,” IOA vice-president Tarlochan Singh said.

Mr. Randhir on Monday criticised the disbanding of the arbitration commission and ethics committee, saying it may attract International Olympic Committee’s ire and will bring bad name to the country, already sullied by the Commonwealth Games corruption scandal.

Mr. Tarlochan said the GBM had authorised the acting IOA president Vijay Kumar Malhotra to form various committees and commissions as per the IOC charter.

“There is no question of IOA defying or ignoring the IOC or its charter. The very fact GBM unanimously vested all powers with Prof. Malhotra to take crucial decisions show that members were keen to set the house in order,” Mr. Tarlochan said.

“IOA is fully aware of its responsibilities. The president is aware of the seriousness of this issue and will constitute these committees at the earliest,” he said.

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