As expected, Slovenia's Peter Lin Janezic and the Indian pair of Varsha Gautham and Aishwarya Chezhiyan clinched the Optimist and 29er class titles respectively in regal style in the India International Regatta, which concluded at the Chennai Port on Friday.

Of the three sailors from Slovenia, Peter and Toni Vrscaj have been outstanding in the Optimist section. The two have shown excellent boat skills and without doubt they have been the best of the lot.

For the first time in a total of 11 races Peter slipped from his exalted position. He finished outside the top three emerging fifth in the second race (race 10).

“I am very happy to win the title in my second visit. I want to do well in the Worlds to be held in Napier on December 30 this year,” said Peter, who finished first in two races on Friday.

Thomas Maher of Indonesia, who was fifth overnight jumped to third overall. In races 9 and 10, Maher finished third and second.

Varsha and Aishwarya, who climbed to the top of the table on Thursday, sailed exceedingly well winning two of the three races to bag the Trophy in the 29er class.

The Indian pair sailed the entire series really well securing a podium finish in every single race.

K.C. Ganapathy and Varun Thakkar won the silver while Hussain Bhavnagarwala and Praveen duo took home the bronze. “This is a good boost for us,” said Aishwarya.

“This win will help us train harder for the Asian championship in Malaysia in February next year.”

The results (provisional): Optimist: Race 9: 1. Peter Lin Janezic (Slovenia), 2. Toni Vrscaj (Slovenia), 3. Thomas Maher (Ina); Race 10: 1. Toni Vrscaj (Slovenia), 2. Thomas (Ina), 3. Anze Podlogar (Slovenia); Race 11: 1. Peter (Slovenia), 2. Toni Vrscaj (Slovenia), 3. Muhamad Uzair Yusuf (MAS).

Optimist Overall and Boys: 1. Peter Lin Janezic (Slovenia) 16 pts, 2. Toni Vrscaj (Slovenia) 19, 3. Thomas Maher (Ina) 59 pts.

Optimist Girls: 1. Natasya Nabila (MAS) 79 pts, 2. Janaki Balachander (Ind) 145 points, 3. Ruqayya Nasrulla (Ind) 162 pts.

29er: Race 9: 1. Varsha Gautham & Aishwarya Chezhiyan, 2. Hussain Bhavnagarwala & Praveen, 3. K.C. Ganapathy & Varun Thakkar; Race 10: 1. Varsha & Aishwarya, 2. Ganapathy & Varun, 3. Aman Vyas & Sachin Singha; Race 11: 1. Shiv & Ankit, 2. Ganapathy & Varun, 3. Varsha & Aishwarya.

29er Overall: 1. Varsha & Aishwarya 17 pts, 2. Ganapathy & Varun 18 pts, 3. Hussain & Praveen 25 pts.