Pankaj Advani asserted his class to outshine Kamal Chawla and win his sixth National snooker title here on Friday.

The former IBSF world champion, currently playing on the professional tour, recorded an 85(84)-0, 38-88, 70-15, 90(69)-3, 36-64, 100(61)-5, 23-85(85), 86(64)-0, 139(139)-0 win in the final.

Defending champion Vidya Pillai beat Chitra Magimairaj 38-67, 16-55, 63-29, 96(76)-8, 36-70, 56-42, 56-47 to take the women's crown.

Accurate potting

Advani, the overwhelming favourite, lived up to his reputation.

The skilful cueist exhibited his command over the game and potted with accuracy to claim the opening frame with a fabulous break of 84. Chawla replied strongly gathering three 20-plus breaks and levelling frames.

Advani, however, utilised his chances to pot the black and blue frequently to bag the next two frames. Chawla deserved credit for the way he maintained focus against such a mighty opponent. The Railways man fought with grit and matched Advani in a spectacular safety exchange to win the fifth frame.

Advani banked the pink, potting it five times in a break of 61, to extend his lead in the sixth.

But, he missed an easy red pot early in the next frame and Chawla pounced on the opportunity to close the gap with a fine uninterrupted accumulation of 85 points.

Advani now opted for his favourite top-of-the-table act and mostly dealt with the black. A break of 62 set the tone in the eighth frame and a massive century-clearance of 139 triggered thunderous applause.

“I was always inspired by Ronnie O’Sullivan, the way he won the Welsh Open! I always asked myself ‘When will I play like him!’ It came today,” said a delighted Advani, who regained the crown after four years.

Advani is flying to China on Saturday to participate in the World Open.

Eighth-time champion

Vidya, who rallied from two frames down, emerged champion for the eighth time after winning the nail-biting women’s final.

In the decider, Vidya, leading 49-47, held her nerve to pot the lone black ball on the table.

“One of the toughest finals I have ever played,” said Vidya.

The results: Men: Final: Pankaj Advani bt Kamal Chawla 85 (84)-0, 38-88, 70-15, 90 (69)-3, 36-64, 100 (61)-5, 23-85 (85), 86 (64)-0, 139 (139)-0.

Third place: Brijesh Damani bt Dharminder Lilly 60-32, 58-73, 71-4, 73 (52)-11, 86-25.

Women: Final: Vidya Pillai bt Chitra Magimairaj 38-67, 16-55, 63-29, 96 (76)-8, 36-70, 56-42, 56-47.

Third place: Amee Kamani bt Neeta Sanghvi 69-48, 64-25.

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