Team TVS Racing riders were on the right track in the second leg of the MRF National supercross championship, organised by Sportstrek (Pune) at the makeshift terrain near the CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex here on Sunday.

Despite the absence of its star rider C.S. Santhosh, the team swept just about everything that came its way. K.P. Aravind was the team's hero.

The seasoned star comfortably beat the heat and his rivals to take the day's honours.

And, the packed holiday crowd loved his risky moves.

H.K. Pradeep and Veer Patel did offer some stiff resistance in the day's premium event (Group ‘A' Foreign Open) but Aravind staved off early threats to win both the races in a commanding manner. Aravind further proved his superiority by clinching the opener of the Indian Experts Group ‘B' class.

He looked to double sweep it in the second but slipped midway through to finish third.

“It was extremely hot out there. The track was also pretty tricky but thankfully I managed to score,” said Aravind.

The results:

Foreign Open (Group ‘A' upto 250cc): Race 1: 1. K.P. Aravind (TVS Racing) 40 pts. (20, 20); 2. Veer Patel (Baroda) 32 (15, 17); H.K. Pradeep (TVS Racing) 32 (17, 15).

Novice (Group ‘C' upto 260cc): 1. K.C. Grishin (Thrissur) 20 pts.; 2. Shabaz Khan (Mysore) 17; 3. R. Murthy (Bangalore) 15.

Indian Experts: Group ‘B' upto 260cc: 1. H.K. Pradeep 37 pts. (17, 20); 2. K.P. Aravind 35 (20, 15); 3. Pramod Joshua (TVS Racing) 32 (15, 17).

Locals (Group ‘B' upto 260cc): 1. R. Prakash 20, A. Anand 17; 3. P. Ramesh Kumar 15.

Indian Experts (Group ‘C' upto 260cc): 1. Pramod Joshua 20; 2. C.D. Jinan (Kerala) 17; 3. Md. Azgar (TVS Racing) 15. Private Experts (Group ‘C' upto 260cc): 1. K.C. Grishin (Thrissur) 20; 2. Shabaz Khan 17 (Mysore); 3. Md. Wasim (Bangalore) 15.

Foreign Open (Group ‘A' upto 500cc): 1. C.D. Jinan 40 pts (20, 20); 2. Harith Noah (Kerala) 34 (17, 17); 3. Allan Sequiera (Goa) (15, 13).

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