MRF Tyres has appointed Narain Karthikeyan, India’s first and only Formula One racing driver, as its “Racing Brand Ambassador”, MRF’s Managing Director Arun Mammen said here on Friday.

Karthikeyan, 35, supported by JK Tyre from his early racing days, said: “It is an honour for me to represent MRF Tyres and join their efforts to take motor racing to the next level in India.”

Reacting to the announcement, Sanjay Sharma, Head of Motor Sport, JK Tyre, said: “Narain was our prodigy from the time he began racing. Now that he has opted to leave us, we only wish him well and are happy for him.”

JK Tyre had played a lead role in enabling Karthikeyan to race abroad by way of financial support and also promoting the Coimbatore-based driver to an iconic status that in turn attracted corporate sponsorship, notably from the Tata group.

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