Moto Rev Team dominate day 1 of racing championship

Moto Rev rider K. Rajini in action. Moto Rev dominated the first day's proceedings at the Sidvin-MMSC National Motorcycle Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway. File photo  


Moto-Rev India riders, led by country's top biker Krishnan Rajini, took the day’s honours with a bunch of podium finishes in the Sidvin-MMSC National Motorcycle Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway here Saturday.

Rajini, starting from pole position, destroyed the Super Bikes (600cc) class with a typical dominating performance, but then, he hardly had any competition from a field of five.

There were other fine performances notably by Shyam Shankar in the 165cc Group C Open class that he won from his team-mate A Prabhu to lead a 1-2 finish for Moto-Rev.

The day was marred by a host of crashes in virtually every other race, but fortunately, none of the riders suffered any major injuries as the medical staff at the venue was kept on its toes.

Some of the falls reflected the lack of racing knowledge as the riders carried far too much speed into corners besides taking wrong racing lines, while a couple of crashes were due to contact as the riders jostled for track positions.

Meanwhile, the 165cc Group B Open class turned out to be a big disappointment with just five riders taking the start and only three finishing with Harry Sylvester providing some cheer to TVS Racing while Shyam Shankar came in second ahead of P Karthick, also of TVS.

The results:

National Championship:

Super Bikes (600cc, 12 laps): Krishnan Rajini (Moto-Rev India) 1 (13mins, 07.331secs); Deepak Ravikumar 2 (13:36.037); Gautam M (Moto-Rev India) 3 (13:57.997).

165cc Group C (Open, 10 laps): Shyam Shankar (Moto-Rev) 1 (13:24.182); A Prabhu (Moto-Rev) 2 (13:27.003); Sumit Lucas Toppo (Performance Racing) 3 (13:27.222).

130cc Group D (Novice, 8 laps): Kamlesh Thakkur (Sparks Racing) 1 (12:12.422); Shamilsen (Moto-Rev) 2 (12:15.793); KY Ahmed 3 (12:19.233).

Single Make Series:

Honda (CB Twister, Novice, 8 laps): Md Intekhab Alam 1 (13:14.375); Sahay 2 (13:14.633); Poornansh 3 (13”21.140). CBR 250R (Open, 9 laps): Gautam M (Moto-Rev) 1 (12:20.145); A Prabhu (Moto-Rev) 2 (12:22.706); S Vivek Pillai 3 (12:23.475).

Yamaha YZF R15 (Novice, 8 laps): Sandesh P 1 (11:33.061); R Ramesh Kumar 2 (11:42.422); Shamilsen 3 (11:53.330).

TVS Apache RTR 180 (Open, 10 laps): SK Prakash 1 (14:34.350); Arvind Ganesh 2 (14:36.661); Vivek Mani 3 (14:36.917). Novice (8 laps): Race 1 (6 laps): Rahul G Rathod 1 (09:12.364); S Prem Hari 2 (09:23.358).

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