Doctors said Tuesday they were cautiously optimistic about Formula One driver Robert Kubica’s recovery, saying he was responding well to treatment and getting ready for more surgery to stabilize fractures he suffered in a rally car crash.

Considering the seriousness of his injuries from Sunday’s crash, Kubica’s condition has improved and “let us hope for the best in the future,” said a medical update from the Santa Corona hospital.

The 26—year—old Polish driver underwent seven hours of surgery Sunday after a high—speed crash in northern Italy. His right hand was badly damaged but surgeons averted the risk of amputation.

The hospital in Pietra Ligure, a small town on Italy’s northwestern coast, said Kubica would remain in intensive care for two more days to let doctors evaluate his arm and hand functions.

Team Lotus Renault said an operation planned for Thursday would stabilize the fractures in Kubica’s right shoulder and right foot. He will then need another operation on his elbow three or four days later.

Danuta Dygnos, a nurse working at the Santa Corona hospital, told Poland’s TVN24 television that his condition was good.

“He is breathing on his own, he can move his hands, everything,” Dygnos said. “He had his breakfast without a problem. He smiles and does everything that he can do. He is in a very good condition.”

Details of Kubica’s crash and speculation over the future of his career continue to dominate the media in Poland.

Kubica’s co—driver Jakub Gerber said on TVN24 that the crash would have ended without danger to them but for a barrier along the curvy road that “did not behave the way it should have.”

“It was poorly assembled,” he said. “So the result of the crash is what we have, because this barrier unluckily got into the car.”

Video of the crash taken from a car behind Kubica’s showed the railing piercing Kubica’s car.

The ANSA news agency said Tuesday that police were trying to reconstruct the crash, using photos, film and analyses of the road in San Lorenzo di Testico, where the crash occurred.

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