Records seem to come to Sebastian Vettel quite easily.

Having already become the youngest driver in the world to win back-to-back World championships, the German, in his push for most pole positions in a season — a record that stands in the name of Nigel Mansell (14) — has inched closer towards the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio.

Fangio had 29 poles in his career. When reminded of the achievement, the Red Bull driver, who has 28 career poles, blushed first and then said: “I didn't know about the Fangio statistics. Yeah, it's definitely special, but there's a difference.

Quite different

“I think the time when Fangio achieved that record was quite different to what it is today.

“Those days there weren't as many races like today, where we have about 19 in a season. So, Fangio's record is big,” he added.

“I obviously know a lot of names in Formula One from the past, former drivers and roughly what they achieved in Formula One.

“I am not an expert, but it's great to be part of a sport that has so much history because it allows you to compare yourself in many ways,” he added.

However, he maintained that breaking records was not the priority for him. “Okay, one more and I will equal Fangio, but I always focus on the race ahead and don't think of records. I think you really have to focus on what you do,” he said.

Not thinking of records

Does breaking records motivate him?

“I don't jump into a car thinking of records. I am always motivated, even without knowing too many numbers and statistics. Of course, it's very special when you hear that you have equalled or broken somebody's record,” Vettel said.

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