Motorsport governing body FIA will “adjust” a safety car rule under, which Michael Schumacher was penalised at the Monaco Grand Prix.

FIA admitted in a statement on Thursday there was a “lack of clarity” in the rule, which led to Schumacher being demoted from sixth to 12th.

The seven-time world champion had been found guilty of illegally overtaking Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari during a safety car phase on the final lap.

“The problems identified during the final lap of the Monaco Grand Prix showed a lack of clarity in the application of the rule prohibiting overtaking behind the safety car,” FIA said.

“Adjustments to the regulations are necessary to clarify the procedure that cars must meet when the last lap is controlled by the safety car whilst also ensuring that the signalling for teams and drivers is made more clear.

“These adjustments will help to avoid the problem which occurred during the Monaco Grand Prix from happening in the future.” Schumacher’s Mercedes GP team said it would not be appealing against the 20-second penalty handed to the German.

His overtaking manoeuvre had come after the safety car went into the pits on the final lap.

Schumacher was deemed to have violated Article 40.13 of the Formula 1 sporting regulation.

It reads: “If the race ends while the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.”

F1’s sporting working group has now been charged with coming up with a clearer wording, which will be submitted to the FIA World Council at its next meeting in Geneva on June 23.

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