Bangalore’s Raj Bharath had a happy outing in the fifth round of the Formula Pilota China Series with a double podium finish at Sepang.

Raj, representing Meco Motorsport, finished second in the races on Saturday and Sunday while the other Indian, Parth Ghorpade of Kolhapur, took the third spot in the third race.

Ghorpade was third in the overall table after 15 rounds and also on top of the Asian drivers’ class while Raj was sixth overall and fourth in the Asian list.

The results: Race 1 (10 laps): 1. Antonio Giovinazzi (Eurasia Motorsport) 22:55.136s, 2. Raj Bharath (Meco Motorsport, India) +40.866s, 3. Dan Wells (KCMG) +44.040s. 5. Parth Ghorpade (Eurasia) +51.540. Race 2 (six laps): 1. Antonio Giovinazzi 12:50.520s, 2. Raj Bharath +7.985s, 3. Dan Wells +10.974s, 9. Parth Ghorpade +57.383s. Race 3 (10 laps): 1. Antonio Giovinazzi 21:33.318s, 2. Dan Wells +16.192s, 3. Parth Ghorpade +19.740, 6. Raj Bharath +31.193.