Ashwin Sunder and Jordon King extended their tussle into day two of the MRF Formula Championship, with the drivers registering a win apiece in the Formula 1600 category, here at the MMRT, Irungattukottai, on Sunday.

Ashwin continued from where he left off on Saturday, as he completed a comfortable win in the first race of the flagship Formula 1600 category. The Indian added to his lead with each passing lap and took the chequered flag more than four seconds before King, who came in second.

The tables were soon to be turned, as King came in first in the last race of the day, almost 12 seconds ahead of his second-placed rival Ashwin Sundar. The duo has now claimed the top two places in all three races in the category, across two days.

Karthik Shankar was the best of the rest, finishing third in both races of the day.

The Super Bikes 600c category was not as keenly contested as the Formula 1600 event, with K. Rajani logging back to back wins. Preethi Racing enjoyed a fruitful day, with four of its drivers finishing on the podium over two races in the division.

In the IJTC category, B. Balavijay was the clear winner while Siddharth Kishore took the honours in the Super Saloon event. A. Prabhu claimed the win in the 165cc category, coming in four seconds ahead of Naveen Raj.

The results:

Group D 165cc (Race two): 1. A. Prabhu (Motorev India) 15:30.401, 2. Naveen Raj 15:34.125, D. Dinesh Kumar (Motorev India) 15:40.491.

Super Bikes 600cc (Race one):1. K. Rajani (Red Rooster) 18:08.835, 2. Sumit Lucas Tapo (Preethi Racing) 18:23.056, 3. Prithivi (Preethi Racing) 19:22.940.

Super Bikes 600cc (Race two): 1. K. Rajani 18:09.923, 2. Vivek Pillai (Preethi Racing) 18:39.405 , 3. R. Deepak (Preethi Racing) 19:05.596.

MRF Formula 1600 (Race two): 1. Ashwin Sundar (Team Gulf Oil) 25:51.192, 2. Jordon King 25:55.209, 3. Karthik Shankar (TSI Racing) 26:06.793.

MRF Formula 1600 (Race three): 1. Jordon King 25:45.578, 2. AshwinSundar 25:57.163, 3. Karthik Shankar 25:59.439.

IJTC (Race two): 1. B. Balavijay (Motorev India) 22:42.612, 2. Diljith (Singaram Sports) 22:48.335, 3. Feroze Khan (HCZ Racing) 22:48.092.

Super Saloons (Race two): 1. Siddharth Kishore (Performance Racing) 20:39.296, 2. Radha Selvaraj (Rad Racing) 21:07.120, Sivaramakrishna 21:10.772 (Performance Racing) 21:10.772.

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