Ameya Walavalkar registered his sixth win of the season in the Formula LGB Swift class, thereby clinching his maiden drivers' championship title in the sixth and final round of the JK Tyre-FMSCI National Racing Championship at the MMRT in Irungattukottai near here on Sunday.

The 30-year-old finished 22 points ahead of teammate R. Deepak, who came fifth in Sunday's race.

Karthik Krishna, who finished third, was penalised for overtaking when the yellow flag was being waved and conceded his podium place to Chitesh Mandody.

Rahil excluded

Rahil Noorani, a championship contender in the Polo R Cup series going into the final round, was excluded from the competition after a post-race incident in the pits this afternoon after he vent his frustration at Ajay Kini. The two drivers were involved in racing incidents in both races on Sunday.

RP Singhania, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, JK Tyre & Industries Limited, gave away the prizes.

The results: On Sunday: Formula LGB Swift (Merged result for 12 laps):1. Ameya Walavalkar (Mars Racing) 14:13.709; 2. Sarosh Hataria (Meco Motorsports) 14:15.580; 3. 3. Chitesh Mandody (Meco Motorsports) 14:23.218.

Indian Touring Cars (merged result for 11 laps):1. N. Leelakrishnan (Rad Racing) 15:06.619; 2. V. Rajvirdhan (Prime Racing) 15:08.880; 3. GD Raj Kumar (Prime Racing) 15:15.024.

Indian Junior Touring Cars:1. Feroze Khan (HCZ Racing) 20:21.952; 2. Fahad Kutty (Game Over) 20:23.468; 3. Diljith Shaji (LCT Sigaram Sports) 20:24.755.

Polo R Cup: Race one:1. Avdumber Hede (Goa) 18:58.343; 2. Oshan Kothadiya (Pune) 19:00.337; 3. Vishnu Prasad (Chennai) 19:10.284.

Polo R Cup: Race two:1. Sunny Sidhu (Chandigarh) 19:48.996; 2. Maiken Rassmussen (Denmark) 19:50.219; 3. Mihir Dharkar (Mumbai) 19:50.495.

Drivers' Championship:Formula LGB Swift:1. Ameya Walavalkar (Mars Racing) 162 points; 2. R Deepak (Mars Racing) 140; 3. Chitesh Mandody (Meco Motorsports) 120.

Indian Touring Cars:1. V. Rajvirdhan (Prime Racing) 217 points; 2. N Leelakrishnan (Rad Racing) 169; 3. B Vijayakumar (Prime Racing) 132.

Indian Junior Touring Cars:1. Diljith Shaji (LCT Sigaram Sports) 228 points; 2. B Balavijay (MotoRev India) 185; 3. Feroze Khan (HCZ Racing) 120 & Jai Prashanth Venkat (LCT Sigaram Sports) 120.

Polo R Cup series (computed on basis of best 11 results):1. Vishnu Prasad (Chennai) 388 points; 2. Oshan Kothadiya (Pune) 376; 3. Avdumber Hede (Goa) 359.

Team championship:Formula LGB Swift:1. TVS Girling 308 points; 2. Mars Racing 302; 3. Meco Motorsports 244.

Indian Touring Cars:1. Prime Racing 399 points; 2. Rad Racing 293; 3. Performance Racing 130.

Indian Junior Touring Cars:1. LCT Sigaram Sports 328 points; 2. MotoRev India 309; 3. HCZ Racing 120.

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