Ending months of speculations, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has appointed it’s Vice-President Tony von Ondarza as the observer for the democratic elections of Hockey India.

In an email communication to PTI, the FIH stated that Ondarza will oversee the entire election process and help Hockey India to bring men’s and women’s federations under one roof at the state-level, a mandatory task which the newly-formed national federation was finding difficult to oblige to.

“The FIH is monitoring carefully the progress of Hockey India. The FIH will assist wherever it can and acknowledge that restructuring a national association wherever in the world requires elaboration.

“To assist Hockey India in taking the next steps, the process of forming single entities (men and women) at state level as well as of the election process, the FIH has appointed Vice-President Tony von Ondarza as observer. He will work in conjunction all the stakeholders involved,” the world body said.

The FIH’s move came after the world body showed it’s keenness to see a democratically elected set up in place in India before next year’s World Cup, failing which it had threatened to take away the hosting rights from India.

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