“Let me say first of all, my sense of humour remains intact. The challenges in your beautiful country are immense but nonetheless they are challenges and require patience and control of oneself.”

This was the response of Ken Read, Tournament Director, Hero Honda hockey World Cup, to the reported chaos pertaining to ban on the media entry into the precincts of the Dhyan Chand Stadium and FIH's compulsions to take a decision in this regard.

Agreeing that the demands on the TD this time was heavy, Read said, “Yes, because for the first time that security has been so intense.”

Praise for stadium

Responding to a query about the stadium, Read observed, “This is the best in the world. There will be little argument about this. Perhaps, greater seating capacity will be required once the passion of the game returns to the country.”

However, Read welcomed security drills as “more of these are better as we need visible and effective security to assist with the safety of the players. Usually, the priority for me is to provide an environment where players can play to their very best. Here security must take the first place.”

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