Spanish players were left looking for words after Sunday’s final that saw them lift their first-ever World Cup trophy after a 1-0 victory against the Netherlands.

Andres Iniesta scored four minutes from the end of extra time to give the reigning Euro champions a historic World Cup victory.

Former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso said that it was not easy to find the right words after the victory. “It is difficult to describe in words, it is such an amazing feeling to have had this trophy in my hands. It is a dream come true.

“To win both tournaments has been amazing. We have done everything to make history and now it is time to enjoy ourselves.” He said he did not want to think about the next step for Spanish football at the moment. “But of course, the basics are there in Spanish football, the style is there, the mentality is there, so if we keep working this way, many more big things may come.”

The 28-year-old was lucky to escape serious injury when a very high lunge from Nigel de Jong to his chest left him sprawling on the ground. “I am in some pain right now, it was one of the worst tackles that I have ever had.

“It has been one of the most painful tackles and I think I broke something, maybe a rib.” He said that it was a tight game. “There was a lot of respect from both sides and we were lucky enough to score just four minutes from the end.”

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina also said that there were no words to describe the feeling of winning the World Cup. “This is the biggest tournament in the world and we are really, really proud of it. And I think the people in Spain are feeling the same. We are lucky to be here.

“But I want to remember all the players who are always with us, but can’t be here now.” He dismissed criticism of the quality of the final. “I don’t mind about the quality of the final, all that I mind is that we have won and we will go into history. It is an amazing feeling.

“It is a final. There is a lot at stake and I think we deserved to win. To win the European and the World Cup is a maximum you can ask from any team. From that, we want to win many more titles, but it will be difficult because the pressure will be on us now.”

Reina was joined on the field by his 3-year-old daughter at the end. “It was an incredible moment that I could share it with her,” he said.

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