With Neymar set to become his Barcelona teammate, Andres Iniesta is already predicting a bright future for both the Brazil star and the Spanish club.

Neymar is travelling to Barcelona to sign a five-year contract on Monday after choosing Barcelona over Real Madrid, bringing an end to an intense bidding war between the fierce rivals.

Iniesta said that Neymar is coming “to the best place to grow,” and that he expects the 21-year-old forward to become even better when paired in attack with Lionel Messi.

“He can bring us a lot because he is very talented player,” said Iniesta. “He brings his ability to break down defences, to score, and to entertain. He is young. He has a long path ahead of him, and he is coming to the best place to grow.”

Iniesta also tried to ease the pressure on his new teammate and allay any concerns fans might have about whether two major stars like Messi and Neymar can play together.

“He is coming to the best possible place for him,” Iniesta said. “Let him do what he does best, that is enough. It is great news that we can count on him. Surrounded by the people he will have here, he will get better and better.

“Great players always understand one another. Leo will be make Neymar better, and Neymar will make Leo better.”

Barcelona has not disclosed the financial details of the transfer, but Brazilian media said the Catalan club will pay about 30 million euros for the youngster.

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