Live updates of the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

00.10 a.m.: That brings the opening ceremony to a close and it's now time to look forward to Brazil and Croatia samba during the opening game which will begin at 01.30 a.m. IST.

A look at the stars to watch out for

00.04 a.m.: And here come Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte with Pitbull (AKA the opening ceremony guy) to perform the official song We Are One.

00.02 a.m.: The Brazilian flag enters as the children form a circle around it. The football called the 'Brazuca' is taken on to the pitch.

00.01 a.m.: Referees card the performers and a new set of acrobats take their place to portray a football game. 64 children take part in the performance, 63 boys and one girl.

00.00: Samba is showcased and Brazilian music and dance comes to the fore.

23.45 p.m.: And the opening ceremony finall begins. "Welcome" is displayed in the languages of all the playing nations. Brazil displays the colours of its nation and the Amazon rainforest.

23.10 p.m.: Here's a quiz on your favourite teams while we spend some time waiting for the opening ceremony to begin.

23.00 p.m.: An interactive graphic of the Maracana Stadium at Rio de Janeiro where the World Cup will begin.

21.30 p.m.: Astronauts aboard the International Space Station are all set to watch the kick off.

20.30 p.m.: 32 teams are playing this edition of the World Cup. It is the biggest sporting event in the world, with the first round of qualifiers kicking off over three years prior to the start of the World Cup.

20.20 p.m.:

20.15 p.m.:

20.00 p.m.: The FIFA World Cup 2014 is about to begin and nearly half the world’s population, well over 3 billion spectators, are expected to watch soccer’s premier event and get a glimpse of the country that in two years will host the Summer Olympics.

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From now begins live updates of the much-expected opening ceremony.

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