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Right, I'm signing off for the day. My colleague Swaroop Swaminathan will continue till the end of the day. Click here to follow all the action. Over to Swaroop.

14:46: The TV is showing a recap of yesterday's Opening Ceremony. What is the best way to get a feel of people's opinion? Facebook statuses obviously. And the Facebook verdict is unanimous - The Opening Ceremony exceeded all expectations (insert appropriate number of exclamation marks as per excitement).

Good start to the Indian challenge in badminton. Chetan Anand and Saina Nehwal post comfortable victories.

14:32: Saina Nehwal demolishes Joseph Mercy of Kenya 21-11, 21-4. It was expected to be a breeze for Saina, and breeze it was.

14:15: Bopanna-Sanjeev bow out in three sets to Hanley-Rodionova. The Indians lose 3-6 in the third set. Hanley is troubled by an injury, but that doesn't stop the Australians from progressing to the next round. Bopanna-Sanjeev, the first Indian casualty in the tennis event.

14:12: Chetan Anand wraps up the second set, he registers a facile win against his Kenyan opponent.

Chetan Anand is India's number one, and expectations are high.

14:06: Moving to badminton, India's Chetan Anand is in action. He holds a clear edge over Victor Munga from Kenya, leading 15-9 in the second set after winning the first set.

14:01: Slight change in the telecast as weightlifting is now shown. We will get you updates from the Bopanna-Sanjeev doubles match very soon.

13:53: Records are bound to be broken in an event like this, so here goes. The Indian 4x100 freestyle relay team is the first Indian team in history to qualify for the finals at CWG. Big thumbs up to team members Virdhawal Khade, Anshul Kothari, Arjun Jayaprakash and Aaron D’Souza .

13:49: The Australians get the break of serve and they move 2-0 up.

13:45: Hanley-Rodionova win the first game of the fianl set. Wonder if Bopanna is feeling the effects of play two matches in a day. He finished his match against Buyinza barely 90 minutes before he stepped onto the court for this tie.

13:38: Bopanna-Nirupama clinch the second set 6-4. We now move to the deciding set.

13:35: Humble apologies. It is Bopanna and Nirupama Sanjeev, not Sania Mirza.

13:33: The crowd at the R.K. Khanna tennis stadium is disappointing. Just a hadful of spectators. Not the ideal setting, especially when you have an Indian pair competing.

13:30: Indian fans, here's something for you. Sania and Bopanna are up 5-1 in the second set after losing the first. Quite a turnaround in fortunes after being outplayed in the opening set. They are playing the Australian pair of Rodionova and Hanley in mixed doubles action.

13:27: Reports from the swimming heats arrives. Indian men’s 4X100m freestyle relay team have qualified for the final. Badrinath Melkote qualifies for the men's 50m backstroke semifinals, and Subha Chittaranjan clocked 29.96 to enter the semis in women’s 50m butterfly. So the Indian interest in swimming is present.

13:18: And now it is seven. 7-0 to South Africa. When will the madness end? We are only in the first half, with 24 minutes to go for the interval.

13:16: South Africa slams six goals past Trinidad and Tobago in a women's hockey game. Seeing a lot of one-sided matches today, in all sports. The competition is bound to get better once we go past the initial rounds.

Action starts at 8 am and finishes at 11 pm on a few days, so thats 15 hours of sports for your benefit.

12:59: Just a reminder that the Indian women's hockey team will be in action today. They take on Scotland at 6 pm. A vital match for the Indians, a win imperative given the tough group they are in.

12:51: Just saw the most bizarre line challenge. Bopanna returned a serve and Hanley (at the net) let it pass. Fist pump from Bopanna and game over. Not. Hanley challenged the 'in' call and replays show the ball landed miles within the line, pretty close to the centre of the court. What a strange challenge.

12:51: Anastacia Rodionova and Paul Hanley are the Australian team, they lead 5-2 in the first set against the Indians.

12:48: Back. Tennis now. Mixed doubles with Sania Mirza and Bopanna taking on the Australians. Down 1-5 in the first set though. Poor start from the Indian pair.

Stay tuned for all the action, and we'll be back in just a bit!

Right, we have plenty more action coming up. Hockey, squash, tennis.. Remember, the squash event is important, as a successful squash event at CWG will help immensely in its goal to be included as an Olympic sport.

12:12: Rushmi wins 6-0 6-1. "A stroll in the park," says the commentator. Couldn't agree more, couldn't agree more.

12:11: Pinki wins her first game of the match. Still trails 5-1.

12:04: The Indian is two games away from finishing the match. 4-0.

12:04: Allow me to educate you with some geography. Lesotho is a landlocked country, surrounded entirely by South Africa. Main source of income - exporting diamonds. I want to say I learnt these things in school, but I'd be lying. Wikipedia, obviously.

12:01: Rushmi leads 3-0 in the second set. Not the best of days for Pinki Agnes Montlha. She is being blown away here.

11:59: At 31, Rushmi Chakravarthi is a veteran on the circuit. You wouldn't guess it when you see her cover the court. Light on her feet. But she hasn't had much running to do today, she's has made her opponent do all the work.

11:51: Back for some tennis, and another Indian interest. Rushmi Chakravarthi faces Lesotho's Pinki Agnes Montlha. Rushmi has won the first set 6-0 in 19 minutes. Brutal!

11:46: Game over. Safe to say that was quite a thrashing. NZ victors. 5-1. Wales never looked like they were in with a chance.

11:52: Comeback? No. One more goal for the Kiwis. Lead 5-1 with 1 minute to go.

11:42: NZ slot in one more. 4-1, game over for Wales.

11:39: 12 minutes remain in this game

11:29: New Zealand score another, up 3-1 now.

11:26: Received reports that Emily Seebohm of Australia has qualified for two swimming finals - 50m butterfly and 200m individual medley. She hopes to win 8 gold, matching American Michael Phelps’ record in the 2008 Olympics.

11:18: 27 minutes remaining in this NZ v Wales game. NZ dominating possession

Waiting to see the Indian hockey teams in action, men and women. Huge expectations, can they defeat fancied opponents to win gold?

11:10: Hockey time. New Zealand takes on Wales. NZ leads 2-1 in the second half.

Luczak clearly the favourite in that match. At 133, he is ranked way higher than Bopanna. Can Bopanna pull off another Davis Cup style upset? Will it be another classic David v Goliath battle? All right, enough with the drama. Join us for live coverage of the match when it happens.

11:04: Bopanna closes out the match by holding his serve to love. An ace brings up the straight set victory. Didn't break a sweat. He now faces Peter Luczak from Australia in the next round.

11:02: Buyinza hits a down the line forehand winner to save one matchpoint. He then goes on to hold his serve. Bopanna leads 5-4 and will now serve for the set and match (best-of-three set matches at CWG).

10:59: Match point for Bopanna.

10:56: Buyinza serving to stay in the set at 3-5.

Bopanna has just come off a brilliant run of form. He reached the US Open doubles final, and continued his run by taking India to a win against Brazil in the Davis Cup play-off. He beat Ricardo Mello in the deciding fifth match, and India were back in the Elite group. How many of you expected Bopanna (ranked 480) to beat Mello (ranked in the top 100)? Be honest. A fantastic achievement by Bops.

10:51: Buyinza down 2-4 in the second set.

10:39: Bopanna should run away with this match, given his sublime form of late. He is leading by one set to love.

10:36: Some tennis now. India's Davis Cup hero Rohan Bopanna plays Robert Buyinza from Uganda.

Australia in action in men's doubles. For those following India's run in the sport, the host is up against Kenya later today. Kenya, not exactly a household name in badminton.

10:28: Over to badminton

10:23: Poulomi wins her match in straight sets. 3-0 India. Kudos to Kavindi for achieveing things most of is would only dream of when 14. So India defeat Sri Lanka, it was pretty one-sided I must say.

I just realised that I'm referring to her as 'Ghatak'. Throughout school, people called me Achal even though I told them that Achal was my family name and that Ashwin was my first name. I empathise, and therefore will call her Poulomi.

This is not the first time that Ghatak is getting a taste of CWG action. She also took part in 2006 CWG in Melbourne, Australia.

10:11: Ghatak wins the first set 11-8. Kavindi looks a bit stressed. Who wouldn't be. Did I mention she is 14?

Umm, I've been told that Kavindi Sahabandu is 14-years old. I don't think I did anything of significance when I was 14. Well, not much has changed even at 26.

10:05: Next up - Poulomi Ghatak v Kavindi Sahabandu. Ghatak is well known in the circuit, ranked second in the country behind Mouma Das.

10:03: Mouma wins with ease. 2-0 to India. Walk in the park for Mouma Das. Ishara looked under pressure right from the start.

Sets in table tennis are now shorter (Reduced from 21 to 11) because the governing body feels it makes for better viewing. Fast paced and all that.

10:00: Second set to Mouma. 11-9. Should be an easy outing for the Indian.

09:54: Mouma Das wins the first set against Ishara Madurangi of Sri Lanka. Best-of-five set match.

Click here to see how Rakesh Rao rates India's table tennis chances at CWG.

09:49: Talking of table tennis, India's medal hopes will rest heavily on Sharath Kamal. He is the defending champion and the nation is hoping he will go all the way again.

09:46: Team action. India takes on Sri Lanka in the group stage. Shamini Kumaresan from India has just won her match, so 1-0 to India. Mouma Das up next. "top player from India plays the top player from Sri Lanka," the commentator announces.

Right, table tennis action now..

Australia, Canada, England take the honours so far in swimming. Not a great show by the Indians.

09:41: England's Rebecca Adlington, one of the favourites to claim four golds, is on her way on the first morning.

09:28: 18-year old Emily Seebohm from Australia qualifies for the 200m individual medley finals.

09:19: Arti Bajarang Ghorpade from India has won the first heat of the 200m freestyle.

09:12: David Davies, the Welsh flag bearer, finished second in a heat in the 400m freestyle.

We have eight gold medals on offer today, five in swimming, one in artistic gymnastics and two in wrestling.

'Heats' refers to the qualifying rounds. Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and individual medley are the events in swimming.

08:45: CWG action kicks off with swimming heats. Some good news for Indian fans, India's Shubha Chittaranjan finished second in the first heat for 50m butterfly.

Swimming is the opening event, the 'heats' are on.

Good morning. After a spectacular opening ceremony last night, we're now set for sporting action.

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