10.56pm: Sri Lanka meets Pakistan in the first semis on October 4, 2012.

10.54pm: That's all from us and from India in this T20 WC. Sri Lanka, Windies, Australia, and Pakistan complete the semis lineup.

10.53pm: India wins a thriller by 1 run. Balaji does the trick in the final over

10.51pm: SIX, Morne Morkel hits a huge one

10.49pm: BOWLED, Balaji strikes back, Albie departs for 10, SA 145-9

10.48pm: Albie smacks a 6 off Balaji, SA need 8 from 5 balls

10.47pm: 14 needed from last over, SA 139-8

10.45pm: Botha carts this one from Ashwin, 6, next delivery Ashwin hits back, Botha gone, caught by Raina

10.44pm: 21 required from 9 balls

10.41pm: SA needs 24 from 12 balls, 129-7 after 18 overs

10.40pm: Zaheer misses out on a hat-trick

10.39pm: BOWLED, SA slumps to 127-7, Zaheer prises Peterson

10.37pm: SA loses wicket no.6, Zaheer dismisses Behardien

10.35pm: In to the 18th over, SA needs 27 from 18 balls to pocket this game

10.33pm: 126-5, after 17 overs, India, SA both out of World T20

10.32pm: India's semifinal dreams over, Pakistan through

10.28pm: SA needs just 4 runs to dash India's semifinal hopes

10.28pm: 113-5 after 16 overs

10.26pm: Ashwin to Peterson, free hit, bowled, Ashwin looks frustrated

10.25pm. OOPS, it's no-ball, Peterson stays

10.24pm: OUT, Ashwin sends back Peterson

10.22pm: 15 overs gone, SA 107-5, India's chances of making it to semis look slim

10.20pm: Balaji gets rid of Duminy (16), caught by Gambhir

10.18pm: Runs coming in singles, SA needs 46 from 32 balls

10.14pm: Behardien joins Duminy, SA into the 14 over

10.12pm: 98-4, SA after 13 overs

10.09pm: OUT, Yuvraj removes big-hitting Plessis (65), caught by Raina

10.08pm: Yuvraj into his final over, Plessis in no mood to relent, blasts him for 4

10.07pm: SA 90-3 from 12 overs

10.06pm: FOUR, another one from Plessis, Balaji under attack

10.05pm: Plessis finds the gap 4 off Balaji

10.03pm: MSD brings in Balaji, 12th over in progress

10.01pm: 11 overs gone, 79-3, Plessis 52 from 31 balls

10.00pm: Plessis comes down the track, inside edge, gets a 4 and his half-century

9.58pm: 5 from the 10th over, 73-3

9.56pm: Ashwin into the 10th over, Plessis 46 off 25 balls, with 2 fours and equal number of sixes

9.54pm: tight 9th over from Yuvraj, just 5 runs, SA 68-3

9.52pm: Duminy, Plessis keep the scoreboard ticking, with ones and twos

9.50pm: 13 off the 8th over, SA 62-3

9.49pm: SIX, Plessis takes on Rohit with a huge 6,

9.46 pm: Duminy, Plessis in the middle, Dhoni introduces Rohit Sharma

9.45pm: Good over from Yuvraj just 4 runs and a wicket, 50 up for SA, 50-3

9.43pm: 7th over in progress, Duminy in, slip in place

9.41pm: BOWLED, AB departs, Yuvraj is delighted, SA 46-3

9.40pm: After six overs 46-2, 14 runs from this over

9.38pm: Pathan bowls the last over of the bowling power play, one bounce boundary for Plessis

9.37pm: 5 overs bowled, S Africa 32-2

9.36pm: SIX, Plessis lofts this one from Zaheer

9.34pm: AB clears the infield for a couple

9.32pm: AB De Villiers 13 from 12 balls, Zaheer continues

9.30pm: Plessis off the mark with a single, S Africa 21-2, after 4 overs

9.28 pm: OUT, Pathan strikes, Kallis (6) goes, Rohit takes a superb catch

9.26pm: 3 overs gone S Africa 16-1,

9.23pm: Zaheer continues, AB goes for inside out shot, 4

9.22pm: 8 runs from the 2nd over

9.20pm: Kallis opens his account with a 4 off Pathan

9.19pm: Pathan to Kallis, swing and a miss

9.18pm: after first over S Africa 2-1

9.16pm: AB divilliers in, loud appeal for lbw, turned down

9.14 pm: OUT, Zaheer draws first blood, removes Amla, caught at slip by Sehwag, S Africa 0-1

9.13pm: Zaheer with the new ball, Amla on strike

9.12pm: India need to restrcit S Africa to 121 or fewer to reach semis

9.06pm: South Africa needs 153 to win their last Super Eight game, we will be back after the break, do stay back to follow the second innings coverage.

9.04pm: Morkel, Peterson take 2 wickets apiece for S Africa, useful contributions from Rohit, 25, Yuvraj 21, Dhoni 23

9.02pm: 2o overs gone, India finish 152/6, Dhoni- 23 not out, Raina topscores with 44

9.00pm: Last ball of the 20th over, run out, third umpire called

8.59pm: FOUR, brilliant one-handed sweep shot from MSD, 150 up for India

8.58pm: Dhoni 18 off 11 balls, 4 balls remaining

8.57pm: Last over of Indian innings, Kallis to Raina

8.56pm: 14 runs, productive over for India, 19 overs gone, 143-5

8.55pm: Dhoni in punishing mood, 12 so far from this over

8.54pm: that's rocket from MSD, short ball from Steyn dispatched to the fence

8.53pm: Dhoni plays toward point, gets a quick double

8.52pm: Steyn bowling the 19th over, Dhoni smacks to the midwicket, 4

8.51pm: DROPPED. Raina goes for a big one, finds top edge. 129-5, 18 overs gone

8.49pm: some big hits needed from MSD, Raina, to power India past the 150-run mark

8.47pm: 18th over in progress, Kallis bowling his second over

8.46pm: 7 runs from 17th over, India 119-5

8.45pm: last 15 balls, 16 runs and a wicket

8.44pm: run rate just over 7, Dhoni faces Steyn

8.43pm: Steyn back, captain Dhoni joins Raina, who greets the seamer with a 4

8.42 pm: Just 4 overs remaining, half the Indian players cooling their heels in the dug out

8.40pm: OUT. Rohit Sharma departs, lbw to Peterson, the spinner picks up his second wicket

8.39pm: Rohit 25 off 26 balls, Raina 27 from 22 deliveries

8.38pm: Peterson into his last over, time for India to step up the scoring

8.37pm: Just 6 runs from the 15th over, 109-4

8.36pm: Raina, Rohit kind of steadied the ship, after initial slump

8.34pm: JP Duminy called up, into the 15th over, this partnership worth 37 from 27 balls

8.33pm: 103-4, 14 overs bowled

8.32pm: FOUR, Raina brings India's 100 in style, good effort from Plessis, ball wins the race

8.31pm: Raina moves to 19 from 13 balls with 3 fours

8.29pm: Botha continues, Rohit plays a late cut, gets a boundary

8.28pm: 9 from the 13 over, 90-4, Raina, Rohit in the middle.

8.27pm: run rate has slowly climbed to 7.03

8.26pm: Beats the fielder, Raina flicks this one for a 4

8.25pm: Australia has qualified for the semifinals on the basis of their net run-rate.

8.24pm: Boundary from Raina, 81-4 after 12 overs

8.23pm: DROPPED, was a skier, Rohit suvives

8.22pm: Another no ball from Morkel, free hit , Raina can only manage a single

8.21pm: Morne Morkel's final over, starts with a no ball

8.20pm: Boundaries have dried up, 71-4, after 11 overs

8.19pm: Raina off the mark with a single, India 70-4, 11th over in progress

8.17pm: du Plessis to Rohit, single, Raina in the middle

8.16pm: BOWLED, full length ball from Morkel, Yuvraj (21) walks back, at the end of 10th over, India 68-4

8.14pm: Plessis fumbles, Yuvraj gets a single

8.12pm: Morne Morkel to Rohit, plays through long off for a FOUR

8.11pm: 61-3, after 9 overs. Just 2 fours and a six scored during the bowling power play

8.10pm: Yuvraj blasts Botha, and a one bounce hit to the fence

8.09pm: Botha to Yuvi, single

8.07pm: 8 runs from the over, 53-3, after 8 overs

8.05pm: SIX again, Yuvraj at it again, this time Peterson in the line of fire

8.04pm: Peterson continues, he's charged up after prising Sehwag

8.03pm: SIX, Yuvraj gets into the groove, after 7 overs, India 45-3

8.01pm: Yuvraj picks a single off Botha

8pm: So, after the bowling power play, it's advantage S Africa, their bowlers have done a good job and India's current run rate is 6.0

7.59pm: Yuvraj in, 6 overs gone, India 36-3

7.57pm: India 36-3, Sehwag charged down the pitch, but the slow ball beats him

7.56pm: OUT, Sehwag (17) bowled, Peterson strikes back

7.55pm: last over of the bowling power play, Peterson to Sehwag, and it's a SIX, a 91m one

7.54pm: Rohit Sharma in, end of 5th over, India 30-2. 2 quick wickets have put India in a spot of bother, as they have to beat the Proteas with a huge margin

7.52pm: Kallis sends Kohli back to pavilion, India 30-2, caught behind by keeper AB Villiers

7.50pm: Kallis into the attack, 5th over in progress

7.49pm: Here's is what MS Dhoni has to say about this game

7.48pm: Decent over from Morkel, India 25-1 after 4 overs

7.47pm: Kohli welcomes Morkel with a nicely-timed double

7.46pm: In-form Kohli on strike, facing Morkel

7.45pm: Morkel removes Gambhir (8), dislodges stumps, Gambhir's woeful run continues

7.45pm: Over no.4, Morkel to Sehwag, loud appeal for lbw, umpire not interested

7. 43pm: short ball from Steyn, hits Gambhir's helmet, and India gets 4 legbyes, 3 overs bowled, India 22-0

7.42pm: Steyn to Gambhir, well defended

7.40pm: 3rd over, Steyn continues, Sehwag plays towards shortcover, no runs

7.39pm: 2 overs gone, India 17 for no loss

7.37pm: Sehwag rotates the strike with a single

7.36pm: Sehwag opens his account with a double

2nd over, Gambhir steals a quick single off Morne Morkel

7.34pm: end of first over and India 9-0

7.33pm: Steyn sprays it outside leg, and it's a 4 legbye

7.32pm: Gambhir defends the next two balls

7.30 pm: Gambhir off the mark with a solid boundary

7.29 pm: Sehwag, Gambhir out in the middle, speedster Dale Steyn ready with the new ball

Toss update: India's playing X1 is unchanged for this game. South Africa has made two changes - Faf du Plessis replaces Richard Levi and Wayne Parnell coming in for Albie Morkel.

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