Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara came near missing the next two ODIs against India and escaped with a fine of 40 per cent match fee after his side was found two overs slow in the second Twenty20 international in Mohali.

Match referee Jeff Crowe said Sri Lanka was very close to being charged for three overs slow, which would have been a serious offence under the new ICC Code and would have led to Sangakkara missing the next two ODIs.

Crowe subsequently ruled Sri Lanka to be of two overs short of its target at the end of the match and docked Sangakkara 40 per cent of his match fee while his players received 20 per cent fines.

“Kumar was kept informed throughout the match by the on-field umpires of where his team was with its over-rate.

Under the revised code of conduct, Sri Lanka was very close to being three overs behind and charged for a serious over rate offence, which would have resulted in its captain being suspended in next two ODIs,” Crowe said in an ICC statement.

Under the new ICC Code of Conduct regulations governing minor over-rate offences, players are fined 10 per cent of their match fees for every over their side fails to bowl in the allotted time, with the captain fined double that amount.

The penalty was accepted by Sangakkara without contest so there was no need for a hearing.

If Sangakkara is found guilty of two further similar over-rate offences in T20 internationals over the next 12 months, he will receive a one-match suspension.

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