The Celebrity Cricket League saw actors give their best shot to the game

The Celebrity Cricket League is perhaps one of those rare events which put the actors under pressure to perform without editing, scripting and the convenience of a re-take. And the actors seemed to relish the challenge. Some of them looked bemused and even out of place when thousands of fans hooted and whistled for performing as their real self on the cricket field. “It is different, actors don’t perform without directors,” chuckled Vishnu, one of the main stays of Chennai Rhinos.

Having said that almost every actor — big stars or not — participated with sincerity. “People may think we do this for fun, but we are competitive,” clarified Vikraanth, another important member of the team. For these young and upcoming stars, cricket has been a great leveller. On the cricket field, star power means very little and the team management lays down the rules.

Getting so many stars from different parts of India to participate in an IPL-like tournament for movie stars can be a logistical nightmare. Vishnu Vardhan Induri, who founded the portal Bharat Student, has been the brainchild behind this successful Celebrity Cricket League. “This is the first-ever tournament in the entire world with celebrities participating in such large numbers,” confirms a spokesperson of CCL. “We expected this to do well, but I must confess that we didn’t expect this sort of success,” says Vishnu Vardhan, who admitted that he is surprised at the passion shown by the stars.

The champions of the last two editions Chennai Rhinos were already out of the tournament by the time they took the field on a humid Saturday evening against Bengal. But that didn’t stop them from enjoying the day. Arya, Vishal, Jiiva and other stars prepared for the game with enthusiasm and meticulousness that you come to expect from professional cricketers.

After Bengal elected to bat and posted a paltry first innings score of 106 in 20 overs, Vikraanth bludgeoned his way to a half century helping Chennai Rhinos to a win.


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