Former Indian batting maestro and BCCI president (IPL), Sunil Gavaskar remembers Madhav Mantri and Vithal ‘Marshal’ Patil as dedicated men of cricket. Mantri and Patil passed away recently. “It's sad news about ‘Marshall’."

"His skipper Madhav Mantri must have summoned him to strengthen the bowling attack up there. He was in poor health so maybe its best. All I had to do was to ring him and ask if he could bowl in the nets to me and he would not only do that, but also arrange for other young seamers from Podar college to bowl."

"The dedication that Madhav Mantri, ‘Marshall’ had towards the game is a thing of the past now and that era is gone forever I think. They simply don't make men like them anymore. Honest upright dedicated disciplined men like ‘Marshall’ are now history,'' said Gavaskar.

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