Ranjan Madugalle will officiate as match referee while Kumar Dharmasena and Ian Gould will be the field umpires in India’s World Twenty20 semi-final match against South Africa here on Friday.

Richard Kettleborough and Rod Tucker will officiate as on-field umpires while David Boon will be the match referee for the first semi-final between Sri Lanka and the West Indies at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium here.

“Ranjan Madugalle and David Boon of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees will lead the playing control teams for both the women’s and men’s semi-finals, which will start at 1430 (local time) and 1900 (local time) respectively,” the ICC said in a statement while announcing details of the umpire and match referee appointments for the semi-finals of men’s and women’s World Twenty20 in Bangladesh.

The appointments for the semi-finals are:

3 April:

1430-1730 (Local Time): Australia v West Indies (first women’s semifinal), SBNCS; Marais Erasmus and Aleem Dar (on-field umpires), Kumar Dharmasena (third umpire), Ian Gould (fourth umpire), Ranjan Madugalle (match referee)

1900-2200: Sri Lanka v West Indies (first men’s semifinal), SBNCS; Richard Kettleborough and Rod Tucker (on-field), Steve Davis (third umpire), Bruce Oxenford (fourth umpire), David Boon (match referee)

4 April:

1430-1730: South Africa v England (second women’s semifinal), SBNCS; Bruce Oxenford and Steve Davis (on-field umpires), Rod Tucker (third umpire), Aleem Dar (fourth umpire), David Boon (match referee)

1900-1000: South Africa v India (second men’s semifinal), SBNCS; Kumar Dharmasena and Ian Gould (on—field umpires), Bruce Oxenford (third umpire), Richard Kettleborough (fourth umpire), Ranjan Madugalle (match referee).

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