Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad is not surprised by the mess the IPL finds itself in and wants the International Cricket Council to ‘supervise’ its organisation in future.

Miandad said keeping in mind the huge stakes involved in the so called domestic event of the BCCI, the world governing body of the game must intervene.

“Just to say the IPL is a domestic event does not work.

IPL has too much foreign participation and interest at stake.

ICC must supervise its organization from now on,” he said.

Miandad, who is Director-General of Cricket in the PCB, said that he was not surprised at the turn of events in the IPL or the suspension of its commissioner Lalit Modi.

“It is not surprising because when you allow a private enterprise to deal directly with players, bypassing the boards, there is always bound to be trouble.

“I have been saying from day one that the ICC can’t allow any Board to operate such private enterprises without a proper system of check and balance,” Miandad said.

He contended that by allowing the IPL to deal directly with players, a wrong trend was set.

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