Royal Challengers Bangalore team-owner Vijay Mallya may have fretted and fumed about the additional Rs. 4 crore he shelled out for Yuvraj Singh after Richard Madley allowed Kolkata Knight Riders to sneak in at the last minute with a counter-bid but the auctioneer found a strong ally in the IPL chairman Ranjib Biswal.

“The decision was entirely at the discretion of the auctioneer and we have decided to go by what Madley has decided,” Biswal said.

Later, Madley walked into the media room and spoke with conviction.

“Yes it does look easy selling players but moments like those, the difficult decisions I take, help me earn my keep.

“If it was to happen again I will take the same decision and it is irrespective of the teams involved.

“I am clear about what I did,” Madley said.


IPL-VII auction: Yuvraj is the rock starFebruary 12, 2014