CSK coach Stephen Fleming said teams dominating home matches add to the IPL competition and that away matches are tough games with a tough crowd.

“In terms of crowd support and parochialism towards the home team, I love it. We are excited to be here; games in Mumbai are special and players are happy to come here and play. Chennai and Mumbai already has a bit of history of hard fought games and Mumbai have the better of us and so we are very determined to play well here,’’ said the Kiwi on Saturday.

Excerpts: CSK’s winning streak: It’s a good run. It’s been different from other campaigns we have been part of. It’s not been stop and start; we have been very consistent this year. I would not say we have been dominant; we have just been out there in the middle and winning games. We still got our challenges within the side and we know we have to get better and in some ways that’s driving us forward looking for that perfect performance. We are comfortable as a team, but by no means we are complacent or satisfied where we are at.

On Mohit Sharma: Mohit Sharma with his attitude and demeanour — he’s a very nice and calm guy — fits in well with the way we operate. His performances, I won’t say, have exceeded, but we are very happy with what he’s done. He is very good at fielding and his bowling to date has been very important for our success.