The Indian Premier League will be held in various venues across India from April 8 to May 28.

With ten teams in the fray, every team will play five teams on a home and away basis. Against the remaining four, two will be played only at home, and the remaining two squads will be tackled ‘away'.

The draw of the home and away schedule was conducted during the player auction here on Sunday.

The draw (read under team, first five – home and away; next two – only home; last two - only away):

Pune vs (Delhi Daredevils, Deccan Chargers, King's XI Punjab, Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings), (Kochi, Kolkata Knight Riders), (Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals).

Delhi Daredevils vs (Chargers, King's XI, Mumbai Indians, Pune, Kochi), (Knight Riders, Royal Challengers), (Rajasthan Royals, Super Kings).

Deccan Chargers vs  (King's XI, Mumbai Indians, Pune, Daredevils, Knight Riders), (Royal Challengers, Rajasthan Royals), (Super Kings, Kochi).

King's XI Punjab vs (Mumbai Indians, Pune, Daredevils, Chargers, Royal Challengers), (Rajasthan Royals, Super Kings), (Kochi, Knight Riders).

Mumbai Indians vs (Pune, Daredevils, Chargers, King's XI, Rajasthan Royals), (Super Kings, Kochi), (Knight Riders, Royal Challengers).

Chennai Super Kings vs (Kochi, Knight Riders, Royal Challengers, Rajasthan Royals, Pune), (Daredevils, Chargers), (King's XI, Mumbai Indians).

Kochi vs (Knight Riders, Royal Challengers, Rajasthan Royals, Super Kings, Daredevils), (Chargers, King's XI), (Mumbai Indians, Pune).

Knight Riders vs (Royal Challengers, Rajasthan Royals, Super Kings, Kochi, Chargers), (King's XI, Mumbai Indians), (Pune, Daredevils).

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs (Rajasthan Royals, Super Kings, Kochi, Knight Riders, King's XI), (Mumbai Indians, Pune), (Daredevils, Chargers).

Rajasthan  Royals vs (Super Kings, Kochi, Knight Riders, Royal Challengers, Mumbai Indians), (Pune, Daredevils), (Chargers, King's XI).

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