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Not a spectacular show by the Indians, to put it mildly. Let's hope team India have a lot more up their sleeve than they let on today. Well, over to Swaroop Swaminathan, who'll take you through the Australian innings. He's going to have trouble typing, keeping his fingers crossed like that.

Over 45 - Wicket - Hussey despatches Nehra, Krejsa takes the catch. That's the end of the Indian Innings India's 214 in 44.3 overs.

Over 44 - Johnson looking to finish this off. The Australians have bowled 25 wides so far. But the batsman don't seem to need too much help. Nehra times a delivery beautifully on the off side to four. And another on on the leg side. Nehra's now on 19 off 20 balls. 213 - 9

Over 43 - The tail enders are holding on. Ashwin's at 24, Nehra at 10. 204 -9

Over 42 - Nehra in trouble. He drops his bat outside the crease and leaps in. Close call, but the third umpire says not out. 201 - 9

Over 41 - Ashwin and Nehra, the last pair. Hussey concedes four singles. 196 - 9

Over 40 - Krejza comes in. Nehra now on strike, and scores an ompressive boundary on the off-side. 192 - 9

Over 39 - Wicket - Pathan on fire. Hussey the victim. Goes over the ropes twice. Hussey caght off balance, bowls two wides in succession. Pathan lofts it again, but it only goes high, not far enough. Krejza takes a comfortable catch. Ashish Nehra the successor. 187 - 9

Over 38 - Another Krejza over, hard work to keep the runs reined in. 168 -8

Over 37 - Johnson. Three runs, all singles. Ashwin seems to have hurt his elbow. A little hold up on the field. 166 - 8

Over 36 - Bollinger to Ashwin. Two balls, no score yet. Speaking of scoring, India hasn't opted for the powerplay yet. Probably waiting to put some stability, so Pathan can have some room to play his shots. 162 - 8

Over 35 - Johnson's up, Pathan on strike. close shave again for Pathan, edges one to Shane Watson, who fumbles. Pathan wastes no time, sends the next one to the boundary in square-leg. 160 - 8

Over 34 - Bollinger to Ashwin. Bollinger cut off in mid-stride for Ashwin to adjust his seg-stump mark. Doug comes back with a sharp delivery, unpleasant bounce. The next one finds a boundary in mid-on. Smooth shot from Ashwin, wristy. Oh, some attitude from Dougie, throws hard at Ashwin after he defends a full length delivery. The Chennai boy smiles. 154 - 8

Over 33 - Mitchell Johnson witht the ball. The bowlers are sprightly, giving it extra energy, now that there's not much left in the Indian batting attack. Swatting deliveries and taking singles. 150 -8

Over 32 - Lee again, looking to finish what he started. Lee bullies Ashwin with a bouncer. Free hit coming up, Pathan on strike. Slow ball, bouncer, Pathan puts some muscle in it, not nearly enough. Moody catches it. 147 - 8

Over 31 - Krejza comes in again. Ashwin scores a couple. 143 - 8.

Over 30 - Wicket. Brett Lee back with the ball, Pathan takes him on. Oh, Pathan gets a life, Tim Paine drops a simple catch. Lee must have a victim. Bowls from round the wicket again, Piyush tries to drive it on the off-side, edges it into the wickets. Ashwin comes in. 138 - 8

Over 29 - Krejza to Pathan, who takes a single. Chawla on strike. Just the one run. 137 - 7

Over 28 - <2 Wickets> Raina gropes at a great delivery from Brett Lee. No wickets yet for Lee, but with an average of under 4 runs in his 6 overs, it's been a steady spell. Lee comes round the wicket, thick, neat edge, Raina out for 12 off 16 balls. In comes Harbhajan. Bhajji begins with a boundary in fine leg. It came off an inside edge of an intended pull shot. Bhajji bowled! Lee takes out the middle stump. Chawla comes in. 136 - 7.

Over 27 - A quick single. Running hasn't been great in this match so far. Raina beats the short fine-leg with a decent sweep, for four. Runs scored off every ball in this over. 132 - 5

Over 26 - Three balls down, one run up. Brett Lee's bowling, by the way. 123 - 5

Over 25 - Pathan on strike, Krejza comes in to bowl. Pathan sweeps it, Krejza appeals, the runs trickle in. Single from Raina. 122 - 5

Over 24 - Brett Lee's back. Raina sends it to deep cover, for just 1. The game is in the non-powerplay phase, which means there's at most 5 fielders outside the circle. Lee bounces one sharply into Pathan, bowls the next one slow and wide. 118 - 5

Over 23 - Wicket. Krejza to Sehwag - top edge to backfoot point. 50 for Sehwag, Typically with a 6. And the next ball, bowled. 54 off 55. 113 - 5. He tried to cut, ended up bouncing it off the ground into the wickets. Walloper Yousuf Pathan enters.

Over 22 - Wicket - Hastings bowls out Dhoni, 11 off 24 balls. India 101 - 4. Three uneventful balls, and the fourth one's a wicket. Suresh Raina comes in. Hastings bowls one wide on the leg side. follows it up with a huge bouncer, it's called wide. 103 - 4

Over 21 - Sehwag on strike, Krejza begins with a mediocre delivery, follows it up with another, wide on the off side. Another communication gap, Dhoni had his back to Sehwag, who had begun a run. India's 100 comes up in the next delivery. 101 - 3

Over 20 - Hastings pushes Sehwag abck with a full delivery. The next ball yields a single. Dhoni improvises, chops powerfully on the off side for his first four. 96 - 3

Over 19 - Sehwag starts on his shots now, slices one on the off-side for four. Plays another one fine on the off side for another boundary. Krejza will have to try something else. 91 - 3

Over 18 - Sehwag getting a tad restless, knocks a Hastings delivery on the leg side. One run. Hits the bat high, goes fine on the off side, clears the boundary. Hits one on the off side to the deep, one bounce to White. 82 - 3

Over 17 - Johnson comes in again, good figures so far, he's conceded 12 runs in his four overs so far. Great running by Dhoni. he loves his singles and twos. Short delivery, very wide, beats the keeper as well and runs away to the boundary. 74 - 3

Over 16 - Big shout from hastings - too high. Close call for Dhoni, who tried to steal a single. 65 - 3

Over 15 - Wicket Johnson with the ball. wiide. That delivery deserved the extra i. Wicked bounce, catche Yuvraj off guard, out for 1. India 3 wickets down, 63 -3. Dhoni on strike now. Tantalising delivery from Mitchell Johnson on the off-side. Dhoni survives. 63-3.

Over 14 - Jason Krejza, two matches old, he's shown a lot of promise. Two more overs to go in the bowling power play. Sehwag on strike. Good spin, but a little wide, and predictable, beats backfoot point, crosses the boundary. 62 - 2

Over 13 - Yuvraj takes Kohli's place. Not a great phase for Yuvraj; this is a chance to turn things around. 58 -2.

Over 12 - Wicket. Hastings comes in. Sehwag has trouble with the sidescreen. Not the first time. He stopped Bollinger in mid-stride a while ago. Single, pushes one to third man. Kohli caught tamely at point by Hussey. 21 off 33 balls. India 54 -2

Over 11 - Johnson again. Restrictive over from Mitchell. The last delivery threatened to convert into a boundary, but some nifty fielding kept it in. 53 for 1

Swaroop Swaminathan, king of trivia, throws in this horror statistic for your consumption - India hasn't beaten Australia in a World Cup match since October 22, 1987

Over 10 - Kohli 18 off 22, Sehwag 14 of 17. Hastings takes the ball now. He's 8 matches old, decent average. A couple of dot balls more, a wide. A boundary brings up India's 50.

Over 9 - Johnson comes in to bowl the 9th over. Three more runs on the board, with a little difficulty. Either the fielding is quicker than they expected, or the batsmen aren't completely in tune. 9 overs, 45 for 1.

Over 8 Kohli drives himself another boundary. Cheeky shot from Sehwag, he uses the bounce, knock one over the keeper's head. Eight overs gone, 40 for 1.

Over 7 Sehwag drives a very good delivery from Brett Lee very fast to the boundary. Lee stumbles, bowls a wide down the leg-side. Seven overs up, 31 for 1.

For those who came in late, Gambhir was removed for 6 by Bollinger, a neat catch by White. He'd faced 15 balls.

Over 6 Bollinger's back, Kohli flicks a beautiful shot to the boundary on the leg side. The next gets past Kohli's defgences. Big appeal from Bollinger - pitched outside of line, a little high on the pads. Sehwag on strike again. He's faced just 4 balls so far. Six overs, 26 for 1.

Over 5: Lee to Kohli. Delivery down the leg side. There's a sound, Lee appeals, the umpire calls it a wide. Nice cover drive on the off-side from Kohli. Oh, that was close. Kohli knocks one to Ponting, abandons his run, Sehwag a long way down the pitch. Ponting throws, Sehwag gives up, Ponting misses the stumps by an inch. Sehwag safe. Five overs, 20 for 1.

How prepared is team India? Here's what Peter Roebuck thinks.

Over 4 - Wicket - Bollinger strikes - Gambhir sent back for 6 from 15 balls. Cameron White in second slip takes the catch off a thick edge. Gambhir's attempt at edging the ball for a single proved fatal. Virat Kohli comes in as the third. Bollinger working it now. Good variation in pace. Kohli hasn't connected yet. Four overs, 14 for 1.

Over 3 - Lee to Gambhir again. A little wide on the off-side, it gets through the in-field, makes it to the boundary. Quick out-field, the ball wasn't hit very hard. Last ball of the third over, single. That's 12 runs at the end of the third over. Lee manages to counter Bollinger's largess.

Over 2 - Bollinger with the ball, to take on Sehwag. Full toss, and Sehwag rewards this generosity with a neat boundary. The second one has better line and length. Bollinger with a curved run-up, bowls a wide down the leg side. A cuople of singles, and it's 7 off the second over.

Over 1- Good second ball from Lee, catches Gambhir off guard. The batsman well out of the crease when Lee kicked the ball toward the wickets. Gambhir would've been out if the ball connected. They have Gambhir covered quite well - mid on, mid-off, extra cover, backfoot square. And Lee's generating some serious pace. And that's the first over, with no runs on the board.

The Australians are coming in, take their places on the field. Gambhir and Sehwag the openers. Gambhir on strike. Brett Lee will bowl with the new ball.

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Toss: Ricky Ponting says heads...it's tails. India win the toss. Dhoni chooses to bat, says he wants to make the most of the pitch. As the wise men say, "think once, think twice and choose to bat".

Pitch: Generous sprinkling of grass on the pitch. But don't bounce just yet, the base is really dry. Translation, plenty of bounce initially, and a twist later on.

It's a bright, clear sky over the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore and the weathermen say there are no surprises from above. That's not to say what the two teams will dish out during the course of this warm up match. Welcome to The Hindu's live updates. Glad to have you back.


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