What if Indian cricket’s pin-up boy Irfan Pathan is engaged to Shivangi Dev! There is no dearth of fans trying to get close and even in some cases trying to even plant a kiss.

Irfan had to face an embarrassing moment during his promotional visit to the city when a 24-year-old Park Circus lass, Sabina Khatun, tried to get cosy and even attempted to kiss him on the stage.

Trained to face the fastest bouncers, Irfan reacted with alacrity and evaded the lunge to the amusement of one and all. The lady was one among three winners of a contest and had come on stage to receive the prize.

When asked about her action, she said, “I just wanted to touch him. I am a great fan of Irfan. It all happened in the heat of the moment and I am really happy at having touched him.”

This is not for the first time a cricketer has been targeted by a fan in Kolkata. Shiuli Hasina Nasreen managed to get Mahendra Singh Dhoni out of the team bus in front of the Eden Gardens and managed to kiss him way back in May 2007.

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