Former India captain Rahul Dravid said the Champions Trophy triumph was the much-needed boost for Indian cricket.

When asked whether the unpleasant events in the lead-up to the tournament demanded something special from the Indians, Dravid said: “I think we needed a good positive story from England. We needed a cheer in our cricket, happiness in our cricket. We had a lot of positive stories to write about from England. For an Indian fan, it (Champions Trophy) was the most heartening tour to watch.’’

After launching Gillette’s Fusion Power here on Thursday, Dravid said due credit should be given to the selection committee.

“Hats off to the selectors. In this particular Champions Trophy, they took brave decisions. They took calls which could have been criticised.

“It has worked out for them and when they do those things, you have to give them credit. Credit to Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his boys for one of the finest overseas performances I have seen in a long, long time.

“I think it was a fantastic tournament for the Indians. They played exceptional cricket, they were by far the most dominant team in the competition.

“Dhoni has done a great job with the team. In fact, I thought all the youngsters really lived up to their potential. It really is an exciting time for Indian cricket. We would like to believe that this is a good team. As fans of Indian cricket, I hope these guys can go on and establish themselves and build on the starts they have got,” Dravid added.

Not the end for seniors

The former India batsman said the success of the youth brigade does not mean the end of the road for the seniors.

“There is a never an end for anybody. I think I have been in cricket long enough to know that things can change very quickly. “All the players who have missed out are class players. You can never say when they will perform and when they will come back. You never say never for anybody.

“When the other guys are performing, it does become difficult. I think there is a lot of quality and class in the people who have been left out. They may bounce back,” said Dravid.