The 2-1 Ashes defeat has forced former Australian coach John Buchanan to call for a review of his successor Tim Nielsen’s position and said the cricket board (CA) needs to find solutions to the problems rather looking for scapegoats.

Buchanan, who enjoyed a 78 per cent win record with the Australian side during his eight tenure as coach, was of the view that the coach needed to share the burden of pressure on embattled skipper Ricky Ponting.

“The coaching position needs to be looked at, whether we need a restructure of the position and the personnel. The first step is to deal with all the emotional criticism and then sit down and work out the best way forward,” Buchanan was quoted as saying in the Herald Sun.

“My view, having gone through it in 2005, was that there was a lot to be achieved, once you actually try to find solutions rather than looking for scapegoats. It’s not just about the players. Some people have called for the selection panel to be looked at and I think we need to look at the whole system.

“We’ve lost two series in a row there now and even though we’ve got computer information on the opposition, we’re probably not scouting as well as we could,” he said.

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