The BCCI has set a further 12-month time frame for its laggard units - excluding the Cricket Club of India, National Cricket Club, Services Sports Control Board, Railways Sports Control Board and All India Universities - to provide proof that their serious about developing its own stadium or take on long lease existing local government owned stadiums for exclusive purposes of cricket.

The first two-year deadline lapsed in April and a handful of state units like Uttar Pradesh (permanent Test centre that has a right to be member of the powerful Working Committee), Jharkhand, Kerala, Baroda, Goa have to move in top gear to meet the BCCI’s requirements by next September in order to receive monetary benefits, including TV Subsidy and money from IPL and also to be allotted international matches.

About 25 State units other than CCI, NCC, Services, Railways and AIU do not receive subvention or grants from the BCCI. After assuming office as President of the BCCI four years ago, Sharad Pawar had said that money should not be kept in the bank for it to accrue interest. “It should be used to develop infrastructure in order to provide good facilities for the paying public.”

With this mind and to encourage affiliated units own a stadium the BCCI increased the infrastructure grant from Rs.4 crore to Rs.50 crore. So far the BCCI has disbursed around Rs.400 crore.

A number of associations have availed the grant, bought land and developed a stadium in their respective States. Some like Orissa, Rajasthan and Haryana have redeveloped existing stadiums and have taken control of venues on a 30-year-lease only for cricket activities.

“By next September these associations - UPCA, Baroda, Goa, Kerala, and Jharkhand - have to show that either they have bought land to build a stadium or have a long lease over a venue for the specific purpose of cricket activities including the running of a cricket academy. If they don’t, the BCCI would put the subvention money into a separate account and disburse it to them only after it’s satisfied that they have met with the BCCI stipulations,” said an official.

In the last few years Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra, Delhi, Vidharbha have spent nearly Rs.600 crore to build new stadiums. The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has estimated an expenditure of Rs.225 crore for the redevelopment of the Wankhede, Maharashtra is likely to spend over Rs.300 crore for a new stadium near the Pune-Mumbai Expressway and Saurashtra and Assam are developing new venues at a much lesser cost. According to rough estimates the 25 state units would have spent close to Rs.2,000 crore to create new stadiums or redevelop exiting facilities.

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