Australian coach Mickey Arthur is not complaining that India has prepared rank turners, where some of his players stand “exposed” against spin, as he feels the host nation must prepare tracks that suit their strength.

“I would be disappointed if we come to India and India didn’t prepare these (turning wickets) conditions. Sub-continent presents a lot of challenge for some of our players and they’ve found out how hard it is over here. Likewise, when India go to Australia... and that’s world cricket,” he said.

“We have learnt a huge amount on this tour so far, with some players coming here for the first time. You have to say that some of our batters have been exposed slightly to the turning ball. It’s pretty unusual for them to play anything like that. Like in Chennai and Hyderabad. I hope that they gain from this experience all the time,” Arthur said.

The Australian coach said if they harbour hopes of becoming number one in Test cricket, his players must learn to perform in alien conditions.

“I think the key to getting number one is that you have to learn to win away from home. It’s ok, you win at home as most sides do that. All the top 4-5 teams do that. But it’s winning away from home that counts and matters and that’s what you’ve got to get better at,” he said.

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