(Date: 18/3/2000)

Hansie - And I will give them some runs. It is a small ground and it is quick out field so they must get 280/290

Chawla - What is the minimum that they should score for the…..

Hansie -250.

Chawla - Minimum is 250?

Hansie - OK

Chawla- If it is 249 it is off?

Hansie - Yeah

Chawla - Okay, So the deal stands on 250 or if it 249, it is off?

Hansie - Yes

Chawla - Okay can we make it 240 or can we make it 250?

Hansie - Yeah 250

Chawla- 250. Okay. That’s fine and what if you bat first?

Hansie - If you bat first?

Chawla - Suppose they put you to bat

Hansie - Yeah then we will get and try to get not more then say 245 to 255 because it is very fast out field, very small ground.

Chawla - Okay if you bat first its going to be 245 to 255 and suppose it goes more than that, how much is the target that we should stand by you, you know

Hansie - 270.

Chawla - Okay, 270. If it touches 270 then it’s off.

Hansie - Yes

Chawla - All right, Okay. If it touches. 270 then it is off. So any thing under…… I mean 269, it is on.

Hansie - Yes.

Chawla - All right. And who all are with you?

Hansie - I will finalise that this evening, you see. You do not have to worry.

Chawla - Sorry?

Hansie - I would speak to the guys tonight and — But you do not have to worry.

Chawla - All right but still I need to know because — should know when to bet and when not to bet.

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