The Indian Olympic movement infighting got messier with the vice-president of the suspended Indian Olympic Association, Narinder Batra, withdrawing from any further role in bringing India back to the Olympic fold.

Batra, a key negotiator in the process, has also decided not to contest any IOA elections while also blaming International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) India member Randhir Singh for India’s continued exile from the parent body.

In a letter written to suspended IOA president Abhay Singh Chautala late on Thursday, Batra expressed his desire to not be a part of any future delegations negotiating with the Sports Ministry or the IOC.

“I want to withdraw myself from all future interactions with the Government and the IOC and you may kindly ask Mr R.K. Anand to handle all issues under the guidance of his mentor Mr. Randhir Singh,” the letter said.

Anand and Batra, it may be remembered, were part of the group that met IOC officials in Lausanne along with Sports Minister Jitendra Singh.

However, the equations within the rival IOA factions seem to have changed, with Batra accusing Anand of running a smear campaign against him at the behest of Randhir. — Special Correspondent

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