Southern Railway's new-found sensation L. Suriya was on a roll. The 21-year-old ticket examiner, based in Tiruchi, scored a record double on the final day of the Sri Krishna Institutions 84th senior State athletics championship at the Nehru Stadium, here on Sunday.

After shattering the 10,000 metres mark on Saturday, Suriya surprised the decent holiday turnout with a strong performance in the women's 5,000m. The lean and hungry-looking youngster outpaced her rivals with ease to stop the clock at 16:58.6 seconds for the gold and the record.

U. Vasumathi (SDAT), Tharanya (RAC) and Prem Kumar (St. Joseph's Sports Academy) were the other star performers. Meanwhile, St. Joseph's Sports Academy (Chennai) dominated both the men's and women's section and wrested the overall championship.

The results: Men: 200m: 1. Manikanda Arumugam (St. Joseph's SA) 21.3s; 2. M. Prakash (RAC); 3. M.P. Mohan Kumar (DAC). 400m hurdles: 1. R. Sudharsun (KSH) 53.6s; 2. Balamurugan (S. Rly.); 3. V. Ganesh Kumar (St. Joseph's SA). 800m: 1. J. Jayaraj (TN Police) 01:54.6s; 2. S. Arokyaraj (St. Joseph's SA); 3. V. Manjunathan (KSH). 5,000m: 1. G. Lakshmanan (St. Joseph's SA) 14:52.1s; 2. Dasari Vasu (St. Joseph's SA); 3. K.P. Anil Kumar (USF). Long jump: 1. Prem Kumar (St. Joseph's SA) 7.75m; 2. A. Amalanathan (KAA); 3. P. Anburaja (TCHY DAA). Shot put: 1. R. Ramadass (RAC) 15.35m; 2. K. Gowtham (TCHY DAA); 3. Saumitra Patil (St. Joseph's SA). Hammer throw: 1. Shankar (St. Joseph's SA) 52.61m; 2. Sarath Kumar (RAC); 3. Syed (St. Joseph's SA). 20km walk: 1. S. Ilaya Kumar (St. Joseph's SA) 1:35:17.0s; 2. K. Ganapathi (St. Joseph's SA); 3. S. Muthu Kumar (St. Joseph's SA).

Women: 200m: 1. J. Tharanya (RAC) 24.8s; 2. S. Archana (SDAT); 3. K. Arthi (U/A). 400m hurdles: 1. M. Deepa (SDAT) 01:05.1s; 2. S. Nivetha (SDAT); 3. Kavitha (St. Joseph's SA). 800m: 1. R. Pavithra (SDAT) 02:15.8s; 2. Gomathy (St. Joseph's SA); 3. M.C. Mohanal (S. Rly.). 5,000m: 1. L. Suriya (S. Rly.) 16:58.6s (NMR); P. Rani (IB); 3. J. Surya (St. Joseph's SA). Long jump: 1. S. Delfin Rani (St. Joseph's SA) 5.82m; 2. P. Subashini (St. Joseph's SA); 3. S. Preethi (St. Joseph's SA). High jump: 1. G. Mary Shalini (KSH) 1.61m; 2. Anitha Shree (St. Joseph's SA); 3. S. Jency Rani (SDAT). Hammer throw: 1. Muthu Selvi (St. Joseph's SA); 2. Hemapriya (St. Joseph's SA); 3. Vidya Shree (St. Joseph's SA). Shot put: 1. U. Vasumathi (SDAT) 45.55m; 2. A. Anitcham (RAC); 3. M. Mahalakshmi (CDAA). Pole vault: 1. Rajeshwari (TN Police) 2.5m; 2. Tamilarasi (TN Police); 3. Shankari (U/A). 10km walk: 1. S. Mahalakshmi (IB) 57:18.8s; 2. R. Madhumita Karado (St. Joseph's SA); 3. Gayetri Devi (St. Joseph's SA).s

Final standings: Overall champion: Men: 1. St. Joseph's SA (Chennai); 2. TN Police. Women: 1. St. Joseph's SA; 2. SDAT.

Overall championship (men & women): St. Joseph's SA.


Ameen, Tharanya emerge fastestMay 22, 2011

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