V. Praveen of MCC and J. Tharany of M.O.P. Vaishnav won the men's and women's 100m titles respectively on the second day of the A.L. Mudaliar inter-collegiate athletics meet here on Thursday.

Praveen held the lead from start to finish while Tharany did not find it easy. Coming into the home stretch in third place, Tharany had to step on the gas in the final fifth to take the honours.

The men's 400m sprint saw Yogesh (JHA Agarsen) drop as far back as the fifth spot midway through the race, but kicked on to finish first.

Double for Kalaivani

Another highlight of the day was T. Kalaivani's (M.O.P. Vaishnav) double in the 100m hurdles and javelin.

Unlike day one, Thursday did not see meet records broken in any of the disciplines. Earlier, S. Gomathi, Principal, Quaid-e-Milleth College for women, declared the meet open.

The results: Men: 100m: 1. V. Praveen (MCC) 10.6s, 2. M. Prakash (Loyola) 10.7, 3. Al Ameen (MCC) 10.9. 400m: 1. A. Yogesh (JHA Agarsen) 48.7s, 2. Bluemen Rajan Sathya (MCC) 49.3, 3. Imran Arfath (MCC) 50.2. 10,000m: 1. P.K. Anil Kumar (Loyola) 33:33.3s, 2. P. Sagadevan (AM Jain) 33:35.9, 3. R. Santhosh Kumar (Loyola) 35:19.5. Shot put: 1. Chidambaram (MCC) 14.71m, 2. Jemi Renswick Seelam (MCC) 13.74, 3. R. Ramdoss (Loyola) 13.32.

Women: 100m: 1. J. Tharany (MOP Vaishav) 12.3s, 2. Saranya (MOP Vaishnav) 12.4, 3. K. Aarthi (Ethiraj) 12.5. 100m hurdles: 1. T. Kalaivani (MOP Vaishnav) 15.2s, 2. Neelaveni (MOP Vaishnav) 15.5, 3. C. Pavithra (SDNB Vaishnav) 19.5. 400m: 1. M. Gomathi (MOP Vaishnav) 59.8s, 2. K. Meenakshi (MOP Vaishnav) 1:03.01, 3. N. Jothiman (JBAS) 1:05.08. 10,000m: 1. Shanthi (MOP Vaishnav) 41:52.3, 2. Thanga Benila (Ethiraj) 43:43.7, 3. M. Nithya (JBAS) 46:39.0. Discus: 1. R. Kumari (MOP Vaishnav) 36.72m, 2. Angel Joseph (Ethiraj) 27.05, 3. C. Nagasudha (QMC) 25.60. Javelin: 1. T. Kalaivani (MOP Vaishnav) 30.15m, 2. K. Gomathi (MOP Vaishnav) 29.65, 3. A. Anbuselvi (Ethiraj) 26.28.

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