Kirpal Singh of Punjab and Karnataka's Nirupama Sunder created new records in discus throw and 100m respectively in great style, pushing noted aspirants for the Asian and World junior meets to the sidelines, as10th National junior Federation Cup athletic championships opened at the Port stadium here on Thursday under a blistering summer sun.

Kirpal, coached by his brother Sangat, dominated the show from the beginning, throwing the disc to 58.10 metres in his second attempt which remained the best and obliterated the National and meet marks of 56.49m set by Simrajit Singh of Punjab in 2004.

The Punjab athlete, ninth in the junior World meet last year, pushed Prabhoit Singh of Punjab, fifth at the same meet, to the second position. Prabhoit's best was 54.70m.

Meera's mark broken

The tall and strapping Nirupama, trained by V.R. Beedu of Indo-German Sports Club, Bangalore, clocked 12.10 seconds to better Delhi sprinter Meera Singh's eight-year-old mark of 12.18 and in the process pushed Srabani Nanda of Orissa, who is expected to qualify for the Asian junior meet.

In the girls' 400m, Debashri Majumdar won the race ahead of Aswathi Mohana and Arya C. of Kerala, a couple of runners who are also expected to make it to the Asian and junior World meets.

The results: Boys 100m: 1. Amiya Kumar Malik (Ori, 10.80s), 2. Manish (Har), 3. Kuldeep Bonge (Mah).

400m: 1 V. Sajin V (Kera, 49.10s), 2. Dattatray Zondgi (Mah), 3. Sachin Kumar (Ker). 1500m: 1. C.K. Ranjit (M.P., 3:57.00s), 2. Jinson Johnson (AP), 3. Somra Oraon (Jharkhand).

5000m: 1. Mukesh (Har, 15:09.70s), 2. Yogender Kumar (U.P.), 3, Paramjit Singh (Mah).

Triple jump: 1. Arpinder Singh (Punjab, 15.66m), 2. J. Surendar (TN), 3. P. Pranav (Ker).

Discus: 1. Kirpal Singh (Pun, 58.10m (National/meet record, Old: Simrajit Singh (Pun) 56.48, 2004)), 2. Prabhoit Singh (Pun), 3. Ariul (Del).

Girls 100m: 1. Nirupama Sunder (Kar, 12.10s (new meet record, old: Meera Singh (Del) 12.18, 2002)), 2. Srabani Nanda (Ori), 3. Sunanda Sarkar (Tri).

400m: 1. Debashri Majumdar (WB, 56.70s), 2. Aswathi Mohana (Ker), 3. C. Arya. 1500m: 1. Navjoban Kaur (Pun, 4:45.80s), 2. K.C. Shruthi (Kar), 3. Sahanara Khatum (WB).

3,000m: 1. Rekha Patel (U.P., 10:30.20s), 2. Anupama Sarkar (WB), 3. Sahanara Khatum (WB).

Shot put: 1. Pinki Dey (WB, 13.03m), 2. Ambey Yadav (U.P.), 3. Parmila (Har).

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