Jijin Vijayan emerged as the fastest runner with a meet record at the State school athletics meet at the Maharaja's College stadium here on Sunday. Jijin clocked 10.70s as against Sujith Kuttan's meet mark of 10.90s.

It was a smooth race and this Mar Basil HSS student from Kothamangalam was all the way.

Once ahead, he virtually tore down the stretch and though his school-mate Jeris Jose did try to catch up, Jijin, the National junior champion in 200m, accelerated and got the race over as quickly as possible.

Sadly, the other set of 100m in the various categories hardly measured up.

Lijo sets record

Earlier, Palakkad's Lijo Mani — a good prospect for the future — set a new meet record time of 4:03.39 in the senior boys' 1500m by lowering Bineesh Soman's 10-year-old record with a comfortable margin.

Besides the show of Mani, equally impressive was the manner in which his teammate P. Mohammed Afsal went on to complete the first golden record double of the four-day event. The H.S. Parli student, who won the 3000m gold medal with a new record to boot on Thursday, was once again proved his growing stature as he pushed himself all alone to a new benchmark in the junior boys' 1500m.

Ironically, reducing Lijo Mani's last year meet mark of 4:09.18 to a thing of the past, by returning home at 4:04.79.

K. Shamnas accounted for the sub-junior boys' high jump record at 1.78m, a centimetre better than the existing mark.

Jessy Joseph, a protégé of P.T. Usha, came up with the lone record to be set in the girls' section on Friday. The 16-year-old was hardly challenged at any time through the three-and-a-half lapper. Also notable in the girls' section was the double completed by Palakkad's P.U. Chithra who took the 1500m senior title to add to the 3000m gold that she won on Thursday.

The results:

Boys: Seniors: 100m: 1. Jijin Vijayan (Ekm), 2. Jeris Jose (Ekm), 3. N.P.Sajid (Mlpm), (10.70 – New Meet Record; Old Record – 10.90s, Sujith Kuttan, 2010). 400m: 1. Jithu Baby (Ekm), 2. Vishnu V. Sabu (Ekm), 3.S. Sahil (Ekm), (48.75s). 1500m: 1.Lijo Mani (Pkd), 2. Abin Baby(Ekm), 3.M.R. Rahil Raj (Wyd), (4:03.39 – NMR: OR: 4:03.90, Bineesh Soman, 2001). High jump: 1. Meran Joe Sebastian (Ekm), 2. Abin Joy (Pkd), 3. Rahul Raj (Ekm), (1.99m). Hammer throw: 1.V. Mohammed Aslam (Mlpm), 2.S. Abhilash (Ekm), 3.V.V.Shamnad (Mlpm), (40.29m). 5km walk: 1.V.R. Renjith (Ekm), 2.Joseph Antony (Ekm), 3.R.Shibu (Pkd), (21.58.10).

Juniors: 100m: 1.A.M.Abdu Samad (Tsr), 2. A.K. Unais (Pkd), 3.T.S. Nishad (Ktm), (11.19s). 400m: 1. Sandhu Sukumaran (Idk), 2. Amal Thomas (Pkd), 3.M.P. Jabir (Mlpm), (50.85s). 1500m: 1. P.Mohammed Afsal (Pkd), 2. Twinkle Tomy (Tvm), 3.Anand K.Madhu (Idk), (4:04.79 – NMR; OR: 4:09.18, Lijo Mani, 2010). Triple jump: 1. P.V. Suhail (Mlpm), 2. Aswin Jayachandran (Ekm), 3. Mohammed Ali (Ekm), (14.28m). Pole vault: 1.E.B. Anas Babu (Ekm), 2.A.D. Nitheesh (Pkd), 3. Thomas K. Joseph (Ekm), (3.80m). Discus throw: 1. 1.P.K. Nikhil Neethin (Pkd), 2.Arun Thankachan (Ekm), 3. Shigeesh Stanley (Tvm), (36.07m).

Sub-juniors: 100m: 1.Chessam Salimudheen (Kzde), 2. Mohammed Shahinoor (Kzde), 3. Omkar Nath (Klm), (12.23s). 400m: 1. Arun Radhakrishnan (Knr), 2. A. Rashid (Mlpm), 3. Abhijith K. Prasad (Ekm), (55.99s). High jump: 1. K.Shamnas (Pkd), 2.Sarath Sathyan (Tsr), 3.K.S.Minhaj (Pkd), (1.78m – NMR; OR – 1.77m, Rijith Jose, 2010). Discus throw: 1. Amal P. Raghav (Ekm), 2. Mohammed Ibrahim (Wyd), 3. Emil Bento (Tsr), (38.21m).

Girls: Seniors: 100m: 1. C. Rengitha (Knr), 2.G. Lavanya (Pkd), 3.A.P. Shelda (Alp), (12.23s). 400m: 1. Anilda Thomas (Ekm), 2.Anju Varghese (Kzde), 3. P.M. Arunima (Kzde), (57.23s). 1500m: 1.P.U. Chithra (Pkd), 2. M.D.Thara (Pkd), 2.Geethu Mohanan (Idk), (4:43.37). Javelin throw: 1. Neenu Thomas (Ekm), 2. Arya S. Kumar (Tvm), 3. C.K. Sajina (Kzde), (31.67m). 5km walk: 1.A.M. Bincy (Kzde), 2.V.V. Sukanya (Pkd), 3.V. Viji (Pkd), (25:28.60).

Juniors: 100m: 1. P.M.Anju (Pkd), 2. Shaharbana Sidhique (Kzde), 3.T.S.Arya (Idk), (12.48s). 400m: 1. Nimina Mathew (Ekm), 2. Sandra Sathyan (Ekm), 3. Shaharban Sidhique (Kzde), (57.69s). 1500m: 1.Jessy Joseph (Kzde), 2.C.B.Archana (Pkd), 3. Athira Sasi (Idk), (4:42.85 – NMR; OR – 4:44.04, Desty Sunny, 2007). Long jump: 1.Athira Surendran (Knr), 2.N.Priya (Knr), 3.V.C. Swathy (Idk), (5.53m). Shot put: 1. P.S. Jayalakshmi (Ekm), 2.Sanitha Sajan (Ekm), 3. Aleena Joseph (Idk), (9.74m).

Sub-juniors: 100m: 1. P.V. Viny (Pkd), 2.P.P. Darsana (Pkd), 3.K. Krishnapriya (Wyd), (13.14s). 400m: 1. C. Babitha (Pkd), 2. V.K. Salini (Ekm), 3. Anila Venu (Pkd), (1:00.17). Shot put: 1. Amrutha K. Jayan (Ekm), 2. Sajitha Babu (Idk), 3. E. Nisha (Pkd), (8.25m).

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