P. Karthi of Sri Krishna CAS and S. Padmavathi of Dr. NGP CAS clinched the gold in the men's and women's 1,500m to complete a grand ‘double' on the second day of the 30th Bharathiar University inter-collegiate athletic meet at the Nehru Stadium here on Friday.

Karthi, who rewrote the 800m mark on Thursday, established a new record in the 1,500m too with a timing of 4:04.07s. He surpassed the mark of 4:05.05s by Kuppusamy of PSG CAS in 2009.

The 21-year-old Padmavathi clocked 4:56.0s to better her own mark of 4:59.2s last year.

In javelin, P. Madhupriya of Nirmala College flung the spear to a distance of 35.90m to set a new meet record. K. Mangaiyakarasi of the same college had held the record of 35.20m since 1995.

The results:

Men: 110m hurdles: 1. N. Surrendaran (PSG CAS) 15.4s, 2. P. Aspinraja (PSG), 3. R. Mohanraj (Gobi ASC).

400m: 1. C. Sathish (Dr. NGP) 4:11.8s, 2. A. Shameer (Sri Krishna), 3. B. Jothiranjan (PSG).

1,500m: 1. P. Karthi (Sri Krishna) 4:04.07s (NMR), 2. M. Parthiban (Dr. NGP), 3. M. Chandra Kumar (Dr. NGP).

4x100m: 1. PSG 43.9s, 2. Dr. NGP, 3. Gobi ASC.

Women: 100m: 1. R. Vigneshwari (Kongu CAS) 12.4s, 2. R. Kowsalya (PSG Krishnammal), 3. S. Jemisheela (PKR).

100m hurdles: 1. J. Hemasree (Nirmala CAS) 15.1s, 2. R. Vigneswari (Kongu ASC), 3. M. Kavipriya (Kongu ASC); 400m: 1. S. Nivetha (Kongu ASC) 58.9s, 2. S. Sajidhabanu (PSGR), 3. Thilagavathi (BU Dept); 800m: 1. S. Padmavathi (Dr. NGP) 2:25.2s, 2. S. Vaishnavi (Sri Krishna), 3. P. Dhanalakshmi (Dr. NGP); 1,500m: 1. S. Padmavathi (Dr. NGP) 4:56.4s (NMR), 2. P. Dhana Priya (Dr. NGP), 3. M. Myndhana Devi (Kongu ASC).

5,000m: 1. P. Dhana Priya (Dr. NGP) 19:23.2s, 2. E. Vasanthamani (Gobi ASC), 3. M. Myndhana Devi (Kongu ASC); 4x100m: 1. PKR 52.5s, 2. Kongu ASC, 3. Nirmala; 5km walk: 1. S. Vidya (Dr. NGP) 31:16.4s, 2. G. Suganasundari (BU Dept), 3. M. Amala (BU Dept).

Half marathon: 1. P. Priya (PKR) 1:39.04s, 2. R. Sangeetha (Dr. NGP), 3. R. Poongodi (Gobi ASC); High jump: 1. S. Sandhya (SKASC) 1.50m, 2. K. Sumathi (Gobi ASC), 3. X. Jasmine (BU Dept); Triple jump: 1. M. Keerthana (PKR) 10.97m, 2. V. Pavithra (Nirmala CAS), 3. S. Ajitha (GAC, Cbe); Shot put: 1. S. Ponni (PKR) 9.20m, 2. A.R. Venodhani (BU Dept), 3. N. Jamunarani (Kamban CAS).

Javelin: 1. P. Madhupriya (Nirmala CAS) 35.90m (NMR), 2. K. Kartick Priya (BU Dept), 3. K.S. Navya (PKR); Hammer: 1. P. Madhupriya (Nirmala) 37.16m, 2. M. Brindha (Dr. NGP), 3. M. Vanmathi (PKR); Discus: 1. S. Ponni (PKR) 29.72m, 2. S. Vijayalakshmi (Nirmala), 3. R. Logeswari (Gobi CAS).