Athletes from South East Asia showcased stunts at the Extreme Invasion event held in the city

The X-Games, with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk at the helm, has always been a sports event which Indians have never been able to relate to. With daredevilry on steep ramps, the sport did not strike a chord with many here, who have not witnessed anything of the kind.

Over the weekend, people in the city got a taste of what makes these fringe sports special. At the ‘Extreme Invasion’ in Malleswaram Grounds, the audience was treated to high-flying stunts, as the athletes used ramps to elevate their status.

Every perfect landing was greeted with huge cheers from the sizeable crowd, while curious onlookers watched from outside the venue. Skateboarders, BMX riders, and inline skaters were brought together in an event organised by the Asian Federation of Extreme Sports (AXF), in collaboration with the Brand Promotions. Professionals from Malaysia, Thailand, China and Indonesia took the stage.

Indian children sought to imitate the stunts in the nearby basketball court. The country’s best had their chance to shine under the floodlights too, during the ‘India Hour’. B-Boys freestyled their way into the show, ensuring that crowd stayed glued to the proceedings.

Sunil Kutty Menon, Owner, Extreme Invasion and Director Brand Promotions, said: “We are thankful to the Asian Federation of Extreme Sports (AXF) for believing in us, and giving us the mandate to do multiple demo tours in India. They have been of great support to us in helping us select world class athletes to perform in the event.”

The AXF helped set up the park-style ramp, which was made to fit official standards. The main goal was to not only showcase the best Asia has to offer to a new target audience, but to also help inspire locals to try their hand at the sport too.

If the proposed Indian Extreme Sports Federation comes into existence, and delivers on its promise to set up ramps in the country, it will be a step in the right direction.