Hello and welcome to The Hindu's live coverage of the Asian Games. Heading to the end of the event and all the nations will want to add some last minute golds to boost their tally.

Right then. That just about wraps up the penultimate day of proceedings. Join me bright and early tomorrow as I will bring you the first part of the action on the last day of what has been has a stupendous Asian Games. Until then, adios.

A quick look at the medals table, perhaps? Even better, a quick look at the the Indian medallists.

19:10 Manpreet does get on the scoreboard with a point but it is not even mere consolation as Ghossoun beats him 8-1 to take the gold in the men's +91 kg category. Manpreet, like Santhosh Kumar, will have to settle for the silver.

19:06 It has been a masterful performance so far fromthe Syrian. But Manpreet has been waving wildly into the air. The Syrian leads the bout 7-0 with just about two minutes remaining.

19:02 In other news, China have beaten India by three sets to nil in a men's placement (5th-6th) in Volleyball.

19:01 The Syrian Ghossoun is leading after the first round 2-0 against Manpreet.

18:55 The last and final boxing bout of the day - featuring India's Manpreet SIngh in the final of the men's 91 kg categroy - is about to start.

18:43 If that was not a worldclass peformance, I do not know what is. Dodging expertly before placing accurate counter-punches, Vijender has trumped Abbos 7-0 to take the gold. Class.. Sheer class.

18:39 Vijender is making this look very comfortable but the slugging is very intense. The Indian leads 5-0 going into the last round.

18:35 A solid opening round for Vijendar. He leads 2-0 after the opening stanza but Abbos is very much in this bout.

What a next match in prospect. Abbos Atoev against Vijender Singh. They have fought against each other before. It's tied 1-1 in that little series. Very intriguing bout, I must say.

18:18 Daniyar beats Santhosh 17-1. Dear me. Santhosh was schooled there against Daniyar. Daniyar's punches was unabated and Santhosh did not have any answers. The Kazakh wins the encounter and the gold medal in the men's 64 kg category.

18:13 It looks like curtains for Santhosh. He is yet to get his name on the score-book but Daniyar has extended his advantage by 2 mmore points.

18:10 Daniyar all over Santhosh, who has a very strange defensive technique. Daniyar leads Santhosh 4-0 after the first round.

18:05 Santhosh Kumar's bout against Daniyar of Kazakhstan in the final of the men's 64 kg category has started. The Indian is in the red corner.

18:00 Just a bit off a delay for the matches involving the Indian boxers. It is about to start in some time.

17:50 India's Om Prakash Singh finishes in fourth place in the shot put final.

The Indian national anthem is played in the Aoti Main Stadium - that has happened a no. of times in this Asiad - reflecting how well India has performed in athletics.

17:45 China leads India 15-11 in the first-set in the men's volleyball. This is a 5th-6th placement match.

17:35 Oh dear. India finishes in fourth place in the men's four by 400. Saudi Arabia, Japan and China will occupy the top three steps of the podium respectively. The second leg by India was an absolute shocker to be honest and that paved the way for the Japanese and the Chinese to build a sizable lead over India.

17:30 Om Prakash Singh fouls his fifth throw. He still stays in fourth place. Meanwhile, back on the track, the men's four by 400 is about to begin (Santhosh Kumar's match-up is also about to begin shortly at the Foshan Gymnasium).

17:16 India's Om Prakash Singh is currently in fourth place in the shot put thanks to a throw of 19.17 metres. That is about 30cms short of third placed man Ming Huang's throw. Just a big more effort and Om Prakash will be in contention.

I can confirm, a bit belatedly, that the Indian men have won a bronze in chess. IANS has this report.

The Indian men’s team won a bronze in chess at the Asian Games here on Friday.

The team comprising Krishnan Sasikiran, Surya Shekar Ganguly, G.N. Gopal and B.Adhiban defeated Iran (Ghaem Maghami Ehsan, Mahjoob Morteza, Toufighi Homayoon, Golizadeh Asghar) 3.5-0.5 in the ninth and last round to finish third.

China beat Philippines 3.5—0.5 in the last round to take the gold. The Philippines settled for the silver.

This is India’s second medal in chess after Harika Dronavalli won a bronze in the women’s individual round.

17:05 More about the four by 400m final. Manjeet, Sini, Ashwini and Mandeep ran the distance in a time of 3.29.02 minutes. The quartet, in fact, were one second clear of the second place team Kazakhstan. China came in third.

17:00: India wins the women's 4X400 m relay. Mandeep ran a fantastic last 400 m. What a gold from the Indian women. Once again after the Commonwealth Games, it was gold from the Indian women contingent

16:59: Last 400 m. Nerve-biting indeed. Mandeep is still leading in the front.

16:58: Indian women still in the lead. Will they pull it off this time. Wait and watch

16:55: Brilliant work by the Indian girl taking the lead in the second 400 m.

16:52: India is now in the second position after the first 400 m.

16:50: Start time for 4X400 m metre women relay. Will the Indian women pull it off this time around.

16:47 India's Om Prakash Karhana is currently in third place in the men's shot put final. But it is still still early doors in that event.

16:43 Coming back to that men's 10,000m, Bahrain's Bilisuma Gelassa took the gold with a time of 27.32.72 minutes. India's Suresh Kumar came home in eighth with a time of 28.29.98 minutes.

The Foshan Gymnasium - hosting all the boxing finals - is up and running. India's Vijender Singh, Santhosh Kumar and Manpreet Singh will be in action at about 17:45, 17:30 and 18:00 IST respectively.

Renjith did have problems with his take-off for the duration of the evening - sometimes he was not even hitting the board - and that might have ultimately cost him a place in the podim.

16:30 China has taken the gold in the men's triple jump. Renjith Maheswary of India finishes in a disppointing fourth place.

16:24 The Indian, Suresh Kumar, has faded badly in the men's 10,000m. Unless there is a late rally from Suresh, I don't really see him getting into third position.

16:15 Another monster jump from Renjith, who returns with a 16.71 in his fifth jump. Although not enough to better his earlier jump, he is still the pole position man.

16:11 Renjith Maheswary of India has jumped a 16.76 to go into the lead in the triple-jump event. Renjith was ecstatic after that jump. So was the Indian contingent cheering him along.

16:00 India's Suresh Kumar is the lone Indian in the men's 10,000m.

India have recorded its best ever medals tally with 59 medals (12G, 15S and 32B.) Their previous best was recorded at the 1982 Asiad were they won 57 medals - 13G, 19S, 25B. Should have mentioned this earlier but better late than never, no?

The good news is India will not stop with 59 medals. They are assured of more medals in boxing, there is hope in the four by 400 relays while there could be a medal in women's chess.

15:46 The official timing puts Thailand in third place with India finishing fourth by .01 of a second. Thailand came home in 39.09 with India coming home in 39.10. Cannot be more close, can it?

15:41 China takes the gold in the men's four by 100 relay. But I would want a replay to see who really finished second and third. India might have finished third but it did look very close. Chinese Taipei took the silver but it's between India and Thailand for the bronze.

15:41 Uzbekistan's Radzivil takes the gold in the women's high jump.

15:35 Renjith Maheshwary's jump of 16.33m is his best in his first three rounds of triple-jumping. However, that is not in the medal placings at this moment. Yevgeniy Ektov's jump of 16.44 continues to be the jump to beat.

15:31 Suman Kundu has lost her bronze medal bout against China's Meng Chen 5-0 in wrestling.

15:30 Receiving information that India have beaten Iran 0.5-3.5 to take the bronze in the men's chess event.

15:22 And there it is. Just about enough time for India to smother another Iranian raider before the final whistle. India beat Iran 37-20 to win the gold in the men's Kabaddi final. And with that they have also completed a historic double in Kabaddi.

15:21 India and Iran have split the last eight points equally to maintain the status quo in the men's Kabaddi final.

15:18 India leading Iran 32-16 in the Kabaddi final.

15:16 Thailand surprises Japan to the gold in the women's four by 100 relay. India finishes in fifth place.

15:14 The Indian women are in lane seven in the four by 100 relay.

Preeja finished the race with a 15.15.89 minutes (PB) while Kavita took 15.16.54 minutes (PB)to complete her 5000m. (Read PB as Personal Best).

15:10 All sorts of histrionics done by an Iranian raider to get a point but to no avail. India strongly in the driving seat as they lead 26-13.

15:05 It has been one-way traffic in the men's Kabaddi final between India and Iran (there, I got that right). The former leading the latter by 24 points to 12. The encounter is well into the second period.

15:03 Bahrain took the gold in the women's 5000m.

15:01 Preeja gets the silver and Kavita gets the bronze in the women's 5000m race. Very respectable race from the Indian duo. They just lacked the final sprint. Will get back to you with the times.

I seem to be getting confused between Malaysia and Iran for some reason. That is my two for the afternoon, I promise.

15:00 Just two laps remaining. The order still has not changed. This is amazing racing.

14:55 Five laps to go in the women's 5000m. Kavita and Preeja are in second and third place currently.

14:54 India leading Iran by 22-3 and it is still in the first period. In the women's 5000m, both Preeja and Kavita are in the top four. Determined running so far from them.

14:47 Back to the Kabaddi final were the Indian men are all over their Iranian counterparts. Leading 11-1, India, at this moment, look the best bet to complete a historic double in Kabaddi.

14:44 Will be cutting across disciplines more times than not today. The women's 5000m race has begun. Indian interest in the shape of Preeja Sreedharan and Kavita Raut.

14:41 India have taken a handy 5-1 lead in the first period.

14:36 Ouch. An Indian raider is smothered very successfully by Iran. But looks like there is some damage done to the raider. Some medical attention going on. Not the start India wanted. It's 1-1 early in the first period.

14:31 The coffee there, yet? Fasten your seatbelts. The men's Kabaddi final is just about to begin.

14:27 A PTI newsalert says the Indian duo of Avani Panchal and Anup Kumar have indeed won the bronze in the Pairs Skating (Long Program).

Infact, I have just received confirmation that the Indian pair did take the bronze with a total of 222.0. China and Chinese Taipei took the gold and silver respectively.

14:23 Will confirm this bit of news coming through; India's Avani Kumar and Anup Kumar seem to have a bronze medal in the Pairs Skating (Long Program). A double bronze for India in roller sports?

The men's Kabaddi final between India and Iran will start in about 10 minutes. A quick cup of coffee before settling down in front of your computer screens, methinks.

Lots of action still to come on this the penultimate day of the 16th Asian Games. As much as 10 gold medals to be decided this evening at the Aoti Main Stadium. Lots of boxing golds also on offer at the Foshan Gymnasium.

14:04 Bangladesh have beaten Afghanisthan to take the first ever cricket gold in the Asiad. Heartbreak for Afghanistan but Bangladesh won't care one bit. After making heavy meal of chasing 119, the second-last over turned the tide for Bangladesh.

13:54 Bangladesh require 26 to win from 18 balls to win the gold-medal match against Afghanisthan

13:43 A fairytale ending on our hands? Bangladesh are 76-5 in 15 overs chasing 118 in the final of the men's cricket match.

Here is an early PTI report about the Kabaddi final between India and Thailand

The Indian women’s kabaddi team completed a memorable Asian Games debut by clinching the gold medal with a comprehensive win over Thailand in the finals here today.

The Indians beat Thailand 28-14 in a dominating performance to clinch the inaugural women’s kabaddi gold of the Asian Games.

The Indians led 17-7 at half-time after. The Indian team also got a couple of bonus points in the opening half.

The second half followed a similar script and India once again dominated by securing a couple of lonas and getting 20 outs to emerge triumphant

13:27 I can confirm that India's Anup Kumar did get a bronze medal in the men's Single Free Skating (Long Program). However, he finished some way short of Japan's Shingo Nishiki who got the gold with a total of 253.8

Chia Chen of Chinese Taipei got the silver

13:26 The Indian pair of Avani Panchal and Anup Kumar will be in action shortly in the Pairs Skating (Long Program).

13:18 This is not yet confirmed but I will try to get more information. India's Anup Kumar looks to have got a bronze medal in the men's Single Free Skating (Long Program) with a total of 244.2 points.

13:10 India have beaten Thailand to take the gold in the women's kabaddi. The final-score of 28-14 suggests that it was a breeze and there were no two ways about it. Comfortably done by the Indian women. Can their male compatriots complete the double? That is India's 11th gold medal of this Asian Games.

The Indian men's Kabaddi final is scheduled to start at about 14:30 IST. They will go up against Iran.

13:04 The Indian No. 10 doing most of the raides as far as India is concerned. India do look odds-on favourites here. They lead Thailand 24-11.

I have been rightly informed that India are playing Thailand, and not Malaysia, in the women's Kabaddi final. Do press refresh. Everything has been sorted out (hopefully).

Akhil Chitikela and Anup Kumar are in action in the men's Free Skating Long Program. Will try to keep an eye out for that.

12:54 Back to the Kabaddi where India still holds all the aces. They lead Thailand 20:7 at the start of the second period.

Sumithra Sekar and Sunil Rathee have lost their respective Karate matches 4:0 and 6:1 respectively.

12:50 Myanmar have beaten India in the Sepaktakraw 2-0 - this was in the women's doubles prelims.

12:45 India leads 17-5 as the whistle is blown for another time-out. India completely in control of the tie.

12:39 Have India already got this tie sorted out? Further extending their advantage, they lead Iran 12-2. The encounter is still in the first period.

12:35 India are off to a very good start. With solid raides and catching techniques, Thailand are on the back-foot trailing at 4-1.

Both sets of teams just warming up. Thailand electing to warm-up with a 3-2-2 system - a system which is used against a raider. India, on the other hand, doing the more orthodox warm-up exercises.

12:24 The women's Kabaddi final between India and Thailand is about to start. No less than gold is expected in this event.

12:20 Some news from the Sepaktakraw between Myanmar and India. Myanmar have taken the first set and are leading in the second 6-1.

Hello all. This is Swaroop Swaminathan. Ashwin Achal has left us for the day but I will be here to continue the coverage.

11:56 PTI has Sports Minister M.S. Gill's reaction to India's performce in the Asian Games:

Sports Minister M.S. Gill said India’s brilliant performance in the ongoing Asian Games has set the foundation for a good medal haul in the 2012 Olympics in London.

"I am thrilled with the performance of girls in track and field events. More medals are likely to come and we will have a better performance in the 2012 London Olympics,” Gill said.

11:51: Afghanistan losing wickets regularly, and they find themselves on 65 for 5 in 12.3 overs.

11:46: 63 for 4 in 11.3 overs.

11:40: Afghanistan in a spot of bother at 51 for 4 in 10 overs. Bangladesh keep it tight here in the finals.

11:24: Avani Bharath and Aashna Rajan compete in the Women's Single Free Skating Long Program

11:18: Afghanistan 23 for 2 in 3.3. overs. The Bangladesh fielding has been of quite a high standard so far.

8 for 1 in 2 overs.

11:09: Bangladesh taking on Afghanistan in the cricket finals. Afghanistan batting first.

10:59: Also watch out for the men's and women's kabaddi finals. The women's final begins half past noon, and the men will fight it out at 2.30 p.m. IST.

10:57: Three boxing gold on offer today. Vijender Kumar, Santosh Kumar and Manpreet Singh will be in action later in the evening.

10:55: Subra chips in: "Qing Hu is a very bad loser and seems to be arrogant. Vikas played to his strengths. Nothing wrong in that."

Subra, by playing to his strengths, I hope you're not implying that Krishan's strength is acting!

10:43: PTI has Vikas's reaction to the charge: “I am a boxer, not an actor. When he throws under-the-belt punches, he knows that he threw under-the-belt punches and so did the referee,” Vikas said.

10:37: A bit of a controversy brewing here. Gold medallist Vikas Krishan of India has been accused of play acting by his Chinese opponent in yesterday's lightweight 60kg final. China's defending champion Qing Hu has called Krishan a 'good actor' and insists that the two-point penalty handed to Krishnan was a result of Krishan's theatrics. Krishan, of course, went on to win gold by a 5-4 margin.

10:22: Bramishtan Muraleedharan: "It was a beautiful display of skill in the first and second set of our Sepaktakraw match. Disheartening to see them go down"

10:19: Pakistan have wrapped up their bronze medal match against Sri Lanka. Consolation medla for the Pakistan team, given they lost to Afghanistan in the semifinal.

10:18: Jamesboy Singh finished 9th in the Men's Canoe Single 200m Final

10:15: Kiro R. of India finishes 9th in the Women's Kayak Single 500m Final

10:11: Bit of sepak. India were 1-0 ahead against China, but have lost 1-2 in the men's preliminary.

10:08: Another former Sri Lanka international Nuwan Zoysa gives away 7 runs in the 16th overs. 20 from 4 overs now.

10:03: Sri Lanka international Bandara gives away 20 runs in his over and Pakistan in the driver's seat from here. They need 27 from 30 balls.

09:58: 88 for 4 in 14 overs, chasing 135. 47 in 6 overs needed. Can Pakistan pull it off?

09:42: And there you go. Rehman is run out, 3 wickets down. He pushes the ball to short cover, leaves his crease and decides to take a leisurely walk back into the crease. Jehan Mubarak is quick on the ball and hits the stumps. Rehman has only himself to blame. Pure lethargy bringing his downfall.

09:41: 59 for 2 now in 10.1 overs. Are we going to see another Pakistan batting collapse?

09:33: 55 for 1 in 9 overs. If Pakistan keep their cool, they can stroll through from here. But remember their semifinal Afghanistan? They were in a similat situation and botched things up with a batting collapse.

09:18: Pakistan 38 for 1 in 6 overs. Both Pakistan and Sri Lanka will wonder how it came to this. This should have been the final, not a bronze medal match.

09:11: Debayan Laha has sent us the schedule of Indian interest in athletics -

Men's Triple Jump...Ranjith Maheswari (2.40 pm)

Women's 5000m... Preeja and Kavita (2.55 pm)

Men's 4 x 100m Relay..(3.40 pm)

Men's Shot Put...(4.10 pm)

Women's 4 x 400m Relay...(4.55 pm)

Men's 4 x 400m Relay..(5.30 pm)

08:57: Pakistan 8 for 1 in 1.4 overs, chasing 135

08:40: Sri Lanka on 133 for 9 in 19.1 overs against Pakistan in the bronze medal face-off. Sri Lanka batting first.

08:30: Commonwealth gold medallist Geeta crashes out in the quarterfinals.

08:29: Kundu Suman will contest for bronze in the women's 63 kg freestyle. That match will happen at about 3.30 p.m. IST today.

08:26: India down 9-11 in the second set. India represented by Niken Singh and Gopen Singh.

08:15: India take the first set 21-17. Tough fight, but Indian hold their nerve.

08:13: The serve in sepak is hard enough. You flick the ball up with your hands, then volley it with your leg into your opponent's court.

India still in the lead. 16-13.

08:11: I'd kill to be able to play sepak with some skill. I've tried and I failed. Epic fail.

08:04: Got a couple of mails asking what sepak is all about. It is volleyball with the legs, simple as that. Look Ma, no hands!

08:03: India up in the first set 11-9. Supreme athletes all these sepak players.

08:02: India up 10-9. Close thing the first set.

07:59: China make a couple of errors, one with a head and one with a bicycle kick, and India up 7-5.

07:57: Sepaktakraw now. India against China. Preliminary match and India lead 5-4 in the first set.

07:50: Bangladesh and Afghanistan will compete in the final later today.

Bronze medal match this. Sri Lanka batting first, they are at 60 for 2 in 9 overs.

07:46: First up, we have Pakistan taking on Sri Lanka in men's cricket.

We have Vijender Singh fighting for gold in boxing, and the Kabaddi teams (both men and women) will battle for gold.

Hello and welcome to The Hindu's live coverage of the Asian Games. Heading to the end of the event and all the nations will want to add some last minute golds to boost their tally.


Asiad, Day 15 - As it happened November 27, 2010

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