After the octopus Paul drew the attention of football fans across the globe, during the World Cup Matches in 2010, it is now the turn of Chanakya, a fish from Chennai.

It is said to have applied its psychic powers to prophesy a football win, according to R. Varun, a fish lover.


The Euro Cup this year has inspired Chanakya to pick up Paul's trail.

On June 18, the fish correctly predicted Spain to win in Spain Vs Croatia match and Italy to win in the Italy vs Republic of Ireland match.

On June 19, it predicted England to win in England vs Ukraine match and France to win in the France vs Sweden match. All the predictions have been proved right.

Food connection

When fish food is placed in two petri dishes with flags of corresponding participating countries, the fish promptly moves towards the winning country.

Chanakya will predict the winning team for the remaining matches on June 24, 27, 29, and on July 1 at noon. The predictions are being organised by the Indian Community Welfare Organisation (ICWO) at the residence of Kumaresan, an engineer from Anna Nagar.

“We try to create an awareness of different issues by getting people to relate to a particular trend happening at that moment,” said AJ. Hariharan, director, ICWO. “Chanakya is attractive and we expect it to catch the fancy of people who come to watch it,” Mr. Hariharan said.

The opportunity will be used to create an awareness about endangered fishes — Bluefin Tuna, Maltese Ray, Goliath Grouper, European Eel, Bocaccio Rockfish, Winter Skate, Orange Roughy, Acadian Redfish, Beluga Sturgeon and Atlantic Halibut.

The NGO had earlier organised a cricket match for people living with AIDS to help them to bond and show others that people with AIDS can also lead normal lives.

ICWO thanked Kumaresan, as he voluntarily came forward to help the orgnaisation to organise the prediction programme at his home. Mr. Kumaresan’s residence is at AI-159, 7th Main Road, Anna Nagar, (behind Anna Adarsh College for Women). Ph: 98842 83333.

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Sports & RecreationMay 14, 2012

SportsMay 14, 2012