The United States is poorly equipped to deal with the dramatic expansion in the capability of cyber attacks, a new study has warned.

An Intelligence and National Security Alliance report says the current situation is as dangerous as when America sold design plans to the erstwhile Soviet Union during the Cold War.

It said that the government must develop cyber intelligence as a better coordinated discipline that can predict computer—related threats and deter them, it says.

According to the Daily Mail, the report says cyber—attacks now have the potential to inflict losses on government that go further than just threatening finances or intellectual property.

The sophistication of attacks means the danger to government and businesses has moved beyond ‘acceptable’ losses that simply threaten finances or intellectual property.

The report comes amid growing worries the U.S. is not prepared for a major cyber attack, even as hackers, criminals and nation states continue to probe and infiltrate government and critical business networks millions of times a day.

Many of the report’s observations echo sentiments expressed by Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security officials who have been struggling to improve information sharing between the government and key businesses.

But efforts to craft needed cyber security legislation have stalled on Capitol Hill.

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