Tiger has been named the most endangered major species of the world and according to the latest count there are only 3,200 of them left.

The WWF said it intended to intensify pressure to save the animal by classifying it as the most at risk on its list of 10 critically endangered animals.

“We have created a list of 10 critically important endangered animals that we believe will need special monitoring over the next 12 months,” said Diane Walkington of the WWF.

“This year will also be the Chinese Year of the Tiger, and so we have put it at the top of our list. It will have special importance,” he underlined.

The future of this majestic animal is threatened by poachers, the destruction of their habitat and climate change. The total number of tigers has fallen by 95 per cent in the past 100 years.

Walkington said to save the tiger, “we have to save its habitat — which is also home to many other threatened species“.

The 10 animals most under threat are: tiger, polar bear, pacific walrus, magellanic penquin, leatherback turtle, bluefin tuna, mountain gorilla, monarch butterfly, Javan rhinoceros and giant panda.