Sony releases ‘Ra.One' game images

The music of Shah Rukh Khan's “Ra.One” is already creating ripples on the charts. Adding to the buzz is Sony PlayStation's first peek at the upcoming game, based on the movie. Sony had earlier announced that the game, developed by Mumbai-based Trine Games under the guidance of the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, will be available for both the PlayStation2 and PlayStation3, via the PlayStation network (PSN).

The game will allow the players to play as one of the two key characters — Ra.One or G.One. It is planned as a prequel to the movie, introducing gamers to various super powers that the characters have. There are six unique characters from the movie, including one that has a likeness to actress Kareena Kapoor, and 20 environments from the ‘Ra.One Universe'.

Android No.2 in Europe

Recent questions over patents notwithstanding, Android OS is making strides in the mobile OS universe. The latest numbers from research firm Comscore in Europe favour the Google's Android as the number 2 mobile OS behind Nokia's Symbian. Symbian is heavily losing numbers, up to 16.1 percentage points in the 12-month-period between July 2010 and July 2011. According to the report available at, Symbian holds 37.8 per cent of the European market, Android 22.3 per cent, Apple 20.3 per cent, RIM (Blackberry) 9.4 per cent and Microsoft's Windows for Mobile 6.7 per cent.

Twitter analytics engine

Twitter has announced on its developer blog — — an analytics engine that will help web administrators analyse where the re-tweets and clicks are coming from. This could be a boon to several people who have integrated the “tweet button” on their sites to understand their audience better. It has been a long-awaited feature of the social network that is undoubtedly viral by nature.

Google Street offers ‘views'

There is no running away from controversy when it comes to Google's Street View. After several run-ins with the officials in Europe over invasion of privacy, the Street View project that is currently very active in the U.S. continues to throw up compromising photographs of unsuspecting people doing ridiculous things on the streets. The latest victim is a woman in Miami, who for some odd reason, decided to walk about sans clothes in broad daylight. Google is supposed to have some plug-in that ‘fogs' images of individuals. But several watchdog sites caught the image and flashed it all over the bloggerverse.

The fastest boot-up?

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in creating a positive hype about its next operating system — Windows 8. Earlier, in an enterprising move, it opened up its beta version of the next generation Windows OS to crowd-source ideas on possible improvements and tweaks via its official blog. It unveiled the OS itself at the Windows Build conference for developers in California, this week. This after several sneak peeks at it over the past few months. The most impressive was perhaps the boot time. A video post demonstrated that Windows 8 could possibly have one of the fastest boot-up times seen on a full-fledged OS.