Want to relax after a frenetic day at work? Here are some apps that enable you to spend time listening to your favourite music

For those who would like to unwind with music after a hectic day, here are some apps to help them do so

SoundHound: A hot choice for those who would like to listen to popular music from the playlist or mix their own tunes. The one feature to look out for in SoundHound is that it picks up any tune in roughly four seconds and gives you details about the name of the song, artist and album. It can also access your music collection on your iOS device and play it, along with the lyrics. You can download songs from your favourite genres, listen to remixes, comedies, news and more. Live streaming audio of the latest releases can be shared on various social media.

“I look at the latest chartbusters displayed on the page and take my pick from them. The app allows me to compose my own tunes and share them with my friends, which is an advantage for budding composers,” says Christopher Praveen, a music enthusiast.

SoundCloud: This app has an online platform and discussion forum for music, and allows you to share your favourite songs with a select community of friends who can give you personalised comments. Music bands make extensive use of this app as it allows them to collaborate and put together their tunes from different locations when they are travelling. Not just music, the app also lets you upload lectures or debates and share them on various social media.

“I can share my mixes instantly with my community of listeners spread across the country. This gets me instant feedback from the group, and allows me to make improvements,” says Akash Sabharwal, an upcoming Disc Jockey.

Shazam: The Shazam app gives you an option to watch videos of the latest or classic singles from the database and tag your friends with similar song likes. For song lyrics you are unfamiliar with, there is a lyric play option which will stream the lyrics along with the song. You can also check out the biography of the artists and their discography.

Tune In Radio: A preferred choice for those wanting to listen to music over the radio on the Internet. You can listen to songs from both local and international radio music stations. “The assorted collection of world music along with the latest international numbers gives me variety to choose from when on a long drive,” says M. Kaushik, an aspiring pilot, for whom music is a hobby.

Raaga: This app is a boon for regional music lovers as its playlist covers over 18 languages. Latest chartbusters in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and other regional languages are available. You can recommend and discuss your favourite artists and access music with a community of online friends. There is an archive of devotional music for the religious and special music for yoga and relaxation.