Get started with programming for Android

Bangalore-based tech event management firm HasGeek will hold a two-day Android development workshop in Bangalore from November 23. The workshop is open to beginners and those who want to get started with programming for Android. It will be held at the ThoughtWorks office in Koramangala and will have four experienced instructors, who are also practising programmers, leading the sessions.

Given the rise in Android adoption, getting an application up and running is a wise first step to enter the world of mobile app development, said Zainab Bawa, co-founder, HasGeek. And there’s an ever-increasing demand for skilled Android developers in the industry, she added, explaining the vision behind organising Android training workshops. HasGeek also hosts an annual conference on Android, DroidCon. For details, visit or email

Smartglasses in the enterprise

Smartglasses have the potential to impact the enterprise and can improve worker efficiency in vertical markets such as manufacturing, field service, retail and healthcare, market research firm Gartner said. It finds that technologies such as Google Glass are “causing CIOs to take a fresh look at the impact wearable electronics will have on the enterprise” and predicts that by 2017, smartglasses may help the service industry by saving up to $1 billion every year.

Smartglasses are eye glasses with augmented reality (AR) and head-mounted camera. Gartner’s Research Director Angela McIntyre said, in a release, that the gadgets could increase the efficiency of technicians, engineers and other workers in field service, maintenance, healthcare and manufacturing roles. “The greatest savings in field service will come from diagnosing and fixing problems more quickly and without needing to bring additional experts to remote sites.”

Gartner added that enterprise adoption of smartglasses was still in the nascent stage with less than one per cent of companies in the U.S. having implemented smartglasses. The introduction of lower-priced, consumer versions of smartglasses will further help adoption such that in 10 years perhaps half the companies that would benefit from using smartglasses will give them to at least some of their employees who could make use of them.

Instagramers to take to the streets

A group of Instagram users in Bangalore will meet on November 14 for a photowalk. These photowalks are known worldwide as an Instameet, where Instagram users get together to share their passion for photography and exchange tips and pointers on using Instagram.

On Saturday, Instragramers, who are getting themselves organised on the photo sharing site’s meet-up page, will meet at the Basavanagudi police station and take a short walk along Krishna Rao Park, Gandhi Bazaar Main Road, explore the flower market and Bull Temple Road. The plan is to end it with some coffee and masala dosa at SLV or Vidyarthi Bhavan, according to an announcement on the site. The photo walk is slated to begin at 7.45 a.m. The Instagram blog documents an earlier initiative in May 2012, where a group of Instagramers met in Cubbon Park on the occasion of the fourth worldwide Instameet. For more on Saturday’s Instameet, visit